“The Immaculate Corruption”

This week: More reporting that powerful interests tried to keep off the air.[hr]

Big banks paid tens of billions of dollars in fines for alleged fraud and misrepresentation after the U.S. mortgage crisis. But not one top banker has been indicted or gone to prison. Some call it The Immaculate Corruption. Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll investigate why the Congressionally-appointed panel convened to look into the crisis sealed its records — and what was in them. A former top Citigroup executive-turned-whistleblower, Richard Bowen, helps us navigate through the paperwork.

Former Citigroup executive-turned-whistleblower Richard Bowen

Back in 2005, I broke the news about a possible link between Viagra and blindness. This week, I speak to the eye doctor who was the first to publicize the issue, Dr. Howard Pomeranz, for an update.

Dr. Howard Pomeranz

I’ll also speak to the architect of the plan to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, Congressman John Culberson.

Congressman John Culberson (R-Texas)

And Scott Thuman reports from a restaurant in Russia — on Obamapizza.

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2 thoughts on ““The Immaculate Corruption””

  1. Hi, Sharyl, Have you ever considered talking to former Asst HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts? She was both a Wall Street & Washington insider and tried to expose the HUD corruption during Reagan’s time- but was targeted by certain groups for it.

  2. I know all about it. We had a family property that had a fraudelent mortgage, complete with a fraudulent appraisal, that we discovered two years after my mothers death when the Bank of America stuck foreclosure paperwork on the property. As administrator of the estate per public record, I was never notified of the mortgage in arrears. 6 1/2 years later , two Banks (B of A and Seterus) and 3 law firm representing the banks and Fannie Mae and 10 sets of modification/hardship/short sale paperwork later, the property was sold at auction on January 16th of 2017. Everything we submitted was ignored. Property was appraised twice with purchase offers submitted and ignored. My attorney never saw such a disaster as trying to deal with these banks and their dimwitted attorneys who get paid to foreclose. I contacted Chuck Schumer, Pareet Bharama, my local Congressman…no one cares. They only provide lip service to the public, and take big donations from the big banks for campaign purposes. The Feds have fined the Bank of America 91.6 BILIION dollars, and yet they do what they wish to do and the courts literally bend over for them. This property was listed twice for foreclosure, both times using the pictures of a much better, much newer and much larger property next door, and still they were allowed to foreclose and sell. False advertising on the courtroom steps, and still no one pays attention.

    Quite frankly, the CEO of Bank of America should be in jail, at the very least…after having to face the people he has mistreated and lied to. “Hang’em high” is too easy a sentence for these S.O.Bs

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