The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship

There are unprecedented efforts by special interests including political parties, corporations and our own U.S. government, to control the information you see on the news and online. This week on Full Measure in The Sum of Knowledge, we dig into the tactics used by paid forces to manipulate opinion. These include fake social media accounts operated by software and paid actors; zombie profiles; zombie likes; and “Fake News.”

Andrew Torba, founder of “Gab,” a Twitter alternative

Also Sunday, Joce Sterman examines what changes in police work could be in store under the Trump administration. Under President Obama, some police say they felt unsupported and, as a result, it’s feared that some backed off of using  aggressive tactics in communities that need policing the most. Will things be different under a Trump Department of Justice?

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3 thoughts on “The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship”

  1. Ms. Attkisson, your page/site is just a delight….I love its brevity and factuality… I have enjoyed your articles over the years…..isn’t this an exciting time we live in!

    I couldn’t find a subscription page, it there one?

  2. The piece on slanted google autocomplete was strange. Compare the examples you used for Clinton with autocomplete results for “David Duke rac.” You’d think autocomplete would suggest “David Duke racist” but this does not happen. Is the liberal google trying to protect David Duke’s reputation? Or could it be that, as google has stated publicly, their algorithm tries to remove all disparaging autocomplete suggestions when connected with a person’s name?

  3. Loved your show today! I am a sixty-one year old black woman. I remember sitting at the dinner table as a child and my parents discussing with my brother and me the negative manner in which the media portrays black people. Throughout the years, in college, church, at work, organization meetings, etc., the topic would arise about the way the media negatively portrayed blacks …many times providing fake or contrived news. For years when black people spoke about being portrayed in a negative light by the media many white people claimed we were being “paranoid” or “overly sensitive.” Recently many of my friends, colleagues, and family have discussed how the subject of “fake news” and the manipulation of the way news is disseminated is currently a mainstream trending topic. Black people have been dealing with this concern for generations. It is interesting that many white people now accept that fake or contrived news is a reality because it happens to them and affects their everyday lives. Now that it happens to them there is no longer the issue of being “paranoid” or being “overly sensitive” …it is a mainstream trending topic.

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