Were Vets and Taxpayers Cheated?

A medical doctor-turned-whistleblower was part of a team that reviewed veterans’ medical files to see if they’re entitled to compensation for Agent Orange injuries. He says he caught reviewers pushing through files at an improbable rate, failing to give them a proper review and often denying vets their due. The company, a V.A. contractor, denies it. Hear his story Sunday on Full Measure.

Whistleblower Dr. David Vatan claims vets and taxpayers got cheated

Also, as President Trump floats the idea of forming an independent scientific commission to study vaccine safety, free of potential conflicts of interest between the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry, we talk to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who held a press conference this week. The Trump administration has spoken to Kennedy about leading the effort. I also interview Academy Award-winner Robert DeNiro who supports the idea and is raising a neurodevelopmentally delayed son.

Robert DeNiro tells why he supports forming an independent scientific commission on vaccine safety

Saudi Arabia has launched a new effort to rebrand its image. I speak to one man leading the effort about how the Kingdom changes images about a place where women still can’t drive, religious freedom is limited and it’s illegal to be gay. I also ask about Saudi Arabia’s alleged ties to terrorist financing. I think he was a fascinating interview.

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3 thoughts on “Were Vets and Taxpayers Cheated?”

  1. Woody and Trinka Fletcher

    Agent Orange continues to be an insurmountable problem for Vietnam Veterans. Please do more investigation. You will be surprised.
    Thank You

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