Can Talc in Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

[dropcap]This week[/dropcap] I investigate serious questions about a possible link between ovarian cancer and one of the most trusted product in America: baby powder. For years, scientific studies have indicated that the talc mineral used in baby powder can work its way into a woman’s reproductive tract, cause inflammation, and start the cancer process. The talc industry strongly denies any firm link and points to other studies that prove its product is safe. We’ll talk to one of the first scientists who uncovered the alleged cancer association, you’ll meet a woman who used baby powder every day for 30 years prior to getting ovarian cancer, and we’ll hear from the talc industry Sunday on Full Measure.

Also Lisa Fletcher asks the question: Do taxpayers really get the return they’re promised when they spend tens of millions of dollars on expensive, luxury sports stadiums?

And we’ll interview the head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), to get his take on a changing approach to fighting terrorism under the Trump administration.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) discusses a new strategy to fight Islamic extremist terrorism

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3 thoughts on “Can Talc in Baby Powder Cause Cancer?”

  1. Dear Sharyl: A few years ago you did a investigative story on court-appointed. Is that something you might revisit. My mother is a victim in New York.

    A few days ago, a Nevada guardian was indicted. She was charged inmore than 200 counts of racketeering, theft, fraud and exploiting elders. Maybe some state legislators will start paying attention to the problem.

    I’ll be happy to share all the details of our case



  2. Stonewalled – Thank You, Thank You, you have somewhat restored my faith that there are journalists out there whose goal is to follow the truth no matter where it leads AND that there are still conservative journalists. Then you have made me suspicious of the crazy stuff that happens on my computer, not that I would be a person of interest. Yes, I have put a sticky note on my camera, but all you have said about our government just backs up what I have thought for quite a few years. I am not comfortable sharing that with many – you don’t want them to think you are a “nut job”. My husband is a retired FBI agent, conservative, but there is a lot that I do not share with him because he thinks I am over the top anyway. (The FBI is not safe from my criticism). I have talked him into reading your book and looking forward to your next one. “I am a Fan”!!

  3. Sheryl, I trust your journalist instincts implicitly. Thank you for having risked so much even though the powers that be keep your work from the public’s eye as much as they have. I am writing only because after checking in with your site after so long, I see the subject of cancer vs. talcum powder and I would be remiss to avoid letting you know that I had cancer of the cervix and I had used talcum powder for years around the groin area to relieve sweating when walking on hot days. I had a hysterectomy in 2015 when I was 60.
    Whatever happens with this topic, I look forward to everything you investigate. God Bless You!
    Diana Myers

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