The First 100 days of the Media Under the Trump Presidency

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile everybody else is focusing on the first 100 days of the presidency (producing fairly predictable storylines), I decided to do something different. My cover story on Full Measure this week looks at the first 100 days of media coverage under the Trump presidency. Our experts include Frank Sesno of The George Washington University, who’s also a former White House correspondent for CNN (whom I worked with in my CNN days), and Howard Kurtz of MediaBuzz on Fox News.

I’ll also speak to Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump campaign and administration official. I’ll ask if it’s as chaotic inside the Trump universe as the media makes it out to be.

And — to France! It turns out that, as in the US, there’s a lot of talk being ginned up about whether the Russians will try to interfere in the French elections. A runoff is coming up between a Trump-like figure we’ve been following, Marine Le Pen, and her challenger, former Socialist and former investment banker Emmanuel Marcon. Scott Thuman reports.[hr]

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2 thoughts on “The First 100 days of the Media Under the Trump Presidency”

  1. Hi Sharyl, Rancher from Oregon here. I wanted you to know that the Portland station that runs your program cut off the first 15 minutes of your show the last two weeks. It had some beauty info ad on, then cut to you. I thought that you should know that your cover story is being squashed. I saw the piece on Salem folks, cool to see that. You and Selena Zito are the only voices that I can find remotely showcasing rural fly over folks. Russ

  2. Sharyl,
    I greatly admire you. Just finishing your first book. Fantastic !!
    Please investigate surveillance, creating false documents/ mental health issues to legitimize US born citizen surveillance, defamation of character, isolation of targets, email tampering, redirecting all calls, computer sabotage, possible use of created targets as practice for agent training. Destroying targets career resulting in homelessness, bankruptcy and becoming dependent on Medicaid as a result.

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