Fake Science

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen is science not to be believed? You’ll be shocked to hear from respected medical insiders who say half or more of the research doctors rely on that’s published in prestigious, peer-reviewed medical journals is wrong, riddled with errors, or compromised by financial conflicts of interest. How could this happen? And what can you believe? We investigate Sunday on Full Measure.

Also, Lisa Fletcher tells us how the law inadvertently protects websites allegedly trafficking in child prostitution.

And we’ll explore the concerns of civil liberties advocates who tell us that U.S. border agents are sometimes abusing policies and confiscating phones, computers and other devices of people entering of leaving the country, without a warrant. They can look through the devices and read contacts, emails and messages.[hr]

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2 thoughts on “Fake Science”

  1. Oh my goodness. I think you are the best reporter ever! I followed your stories for a long time and missed you when you left CBS, but then I just don’t do “alphabet soup media” any more! At present I am almost finished with “Stonewalled” and have learned so much about many issues that were confusing due to misinformation and cover-ups. TV News is nonsense and so is most of what I read…and then there you are! I am so very grateful for your integrity and bravery in following the truth wherever it leads. Haven’t seen that since Clark Kent! Keep up the great work. Just ordered “The Smear” – May you continue to have a terrific career as a “real journalist” though it must get lonely out there – believe me you have a great following and it will grow!

  2. Really eye opening article sattkisson. It is very sad how we understand that these laws are inadvertently protecting these sites but yet this is still allowed to go on throughout the web. This just goes to show how messed up the system can be at times.

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