The Price of Power: Congress’ Maddening Cash Quota System

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere is an exclusive first look at a new report that says you can put a price on success when it comes to Congress. The report by “Issue One” exposes the secretive money system in which members of Congress “buy” top spots on the most powerful committees. To raise the money, they often collect from the very interests their committees are supposed to oversee…

As an example, ordinary Republicans have six-figure party “dues.” But it takes more to make the ranks of leadership…


Sharyl: How much does a committee chairmanship cost?
Nick Penniman of “Issue One”: So, if you want to be the chairman of a major committee in Congress, and you’re Republican, you’ve got to deliver $1.2 million to the Republican National Congressional Committee. Democrats, it’s about the same thing.

Watch the entire report: Price of Power[hr]

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