‘Neither party wants to change Washington’ –Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]epresentative Jason Chaffetz is calling it quits in Congress and in an interview you’ll only see on Full Measure Sunday, he tells why. It has something to do with the entrenched establishment. He says neither Democrat nor Republican leaders have the appetite to change Washington, control spending or conduct meaningful oversight of government. And what’s changed now that a Republican is in the White House? Not much, he says. You won’t want to miss our cover story.

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Also coming up, Scott Thuman reports from Germany where that country is grappling with its need to fight terrorism by coordinating intelligence with police. But its history of using intel to oppress its citizens under the Nazis is keeping them from being more aggressive. The U.S. has stepped in to help out. Some critics argue it’s a one-sided deal. We’ll hear both sides.

I’ll also have a conversation with presidential adviser: Ivanka Trump. The president’s daughter is keeping her mind focused on the business of the nation while batting off constant attacks from partisans and many in the media.


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3 thoughts on “‘Neither party wants to change Washington’ –Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)”

  1. Rather than quit, why wouldn’t Chaffetz have one of his staffers literally sit in the lobby of the IRS or any other agency until the documents are provided? You can’t just allow them to stonewall. Why didn’t Chaffetz meet personally with Trump and Sessions and say this is what is going on? I bet if Trump knew he would make things happen. Also, why have comments been disabled for your interview with Chaffetz on YouTube?

  2. I applaud Ms. Attkisson for reporting outside the box. We need more of that. However, the story that really needs to be covered has less to do with our representatives, who are just fallible human beings, but on the system they operate in…. one rife with money, power and influence… one with no term limits… one without limits on lobbying.. and one where contributions and lobbying corrupt everyone

    That has to be addressed before we will see our elected representatives act differently.

  3. Our Republic is a representative government. The problem is most of those Congressmen and Senators don’t represent the people, they represent themselves and their parties. I wish Rep Chavez would stay and fight, he seems a good man.
    Now politics has become so bad that it’s become a soap opera, with Narratives and false causes. I’m reading Sharyl’s New book ” The Smear ” and they have already started Smearing her. Not 12 minutes ago this appeared ” John Oliver: Don’t trust CNY Central’s right-leaning owner Sinclair Broadcast Group”, in the Blog-verse Attacks have already started on her. Her Book details this type of tactic very well.

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