*New* Fast and Furious secrets from government emails

  • Justice Department officials were panicked and angered by news coverage
  • Privately, Congressional Democrats considered Fast and Furious investigation to be legitimate
  • “They don’t see the whole effort as a ‘witch hunt'”
  • The Justice Department called the facts a “moving target,” as officials continually revised their public responses
  • Officials repeatedly denied press accounts that proved true


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ix years late, we have new insight into the government’s secretive Fast and Furious operation in which federal agents purposely let thousands of assault rifles and other weapons be trafficked from the U.S. to Mexican drug cartels, where they were used in many murders and other crimes.

*READ* New House Oversight Committee report: Fast and Furious— six years later

A new House Oversight Committee report contains Department of Justice emails that the government improperly withheld from Congress and reporters. The report was released Wednesday as the Oversight Committee held a little publicized hearing on still unanswered questions six years after the investigations began.

*WATCH* New House Oversight Committee hearing: Fast and Furious— six years later

Below are excerpts from the Congressional report that give a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes denial, confusion and panic with in the Department of Justice from the time I first interviewed whistleblower: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms special agent John Dodson for CBS News.

*READ and WATCH* Attkisson’s Fast and Furious reports

Dodson stepped forward and spoke with me publicly in March 2011 after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal immigrants carrying weapons trafficked in the Fast and Furious operation. Dodson said the agency was trying to cover up the murder’s link to Fast and Furious, which he’d objected to internally for months.

Eventually, the Department of Justice acknowledged it had provided false information to Congress about Fast and Furious. Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for withholding documents. President Obama declared executive privilege to keep some of them secret. The Inspector General issued a scathing report criticizing many aspects about Fast and Furious and management of the case by the Department of Justice.

(Note: the below government emails fall under my Freedom of Information Act requests made years ago, but the government improperly withheld them from me.)

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Although propagandists have advanced a political narrative that Fast and Furious is somehow a “bogus” “politically-driven” “disproven” “conspiracy,” the record is now unequivocal in that the allegations, as originally reported, were proven factually correct time and again. CBS News received the Edward R. Murrow award and the Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting for my Fast and Furious reports.

Today, the Justice Department continues to withhold documents and stonewall Congress and press requests for information revealing how many crimes have been committed by criminals using Fast and Furious-trafficked weapons.

My investigation uncovered many other operations besides Fast and Furious in which the government was “letting guns walk.” After the practice was exposed, the Department of Justice told Congress it had put a stop to it.

*WATCH* Attkisson’s original report with whistleblower John Dodson[hr]

Photos and documents are from House Oversight Committee report: Fast and Furious: Six Years Later

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Dec. 2010 by illegal immigrants armed with Fast and Furious weapons


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21 thoughts on “*New* Fast and Furious secrets from government emails”

  1. Wow…Christmas is coming early this year!!! Could not be more pleased for the Truth to finally come out! Keep up the good work, Sharyl!

  2. Let’s see, next present under the tree to unwrap…hmmmmm….so hard to choose. How about illegal surveillance?? Or, I don’t know…hmmm…..BENGHAZI!!

  3. Notice “we have intell on McCain.” This explains a LOT regarding some of his bizarre statements, even about President Trump. I believe there are many things McCain is desperate for the public not to know and is being blackmailed.

  4. When r these criminal government types going to be jailed. Just like HRC the law is only for us little people we r untermensch to them.

  5. Good work!

    Next stop–IRS. (You know–that agency about which Barack Obama told Bill O’Reilly in January 2014 there wasn’t one “smidegon” of corruption.)

    1. Of course, by “not one smidgeon” of corruption, he meant there were several smidgeons. He learned the clinton method of parsing words.

  6. I am suspicious of all of these congrssional committees. Why haven’t they brought in the two top lawyers that were running the DOJ Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) that approved and funded Fast & Furious?
    Both are still around Washington, and they certainly should be able to provide answers about what the approval process was, and who would had to of signed off on the operational proposal.

    Where is the required operational proposal?

  7. There was a difference in the Bush administration of “walking” guns to Mexico. Those weapons were tagged and could be traced. When the tags were discovered, Operation Wide Receiver was terminated.
    obama and holder’s F&F did NOT tag the weapons so they could be traced, they wanted to incriminate lawful gun owners in trafficking guns to Mexico.
    Unfortunately it blew up in their faces.

  8. Col. Coopers Ghost

    Lawless , out of control government. The constant drumbeat of … ‘ Nothing-Burger ‘ ..news is used as cover for the Deep State crimes.
    BATFE was unlawfully created , without Congress approval, after the Federal Alcohol Administration was declared unconstitutional in 1935 ! .. ( GOV. Never shrinks ).

    Reference ; Supreme Law . org / BATF – IRS Criminal Fraud.

  9. How about the innocent gun dealers, Ian Garland, Rick Reese. I was denied a trial, kept in solitary 418, sat in human waste. Even, mayor,police chief,columbus officials said on record,i had nothing to do with there smuggling, only bought from my shop. I did background checks on all, notified atf of all sales and still go to jail? What a joke, john doddson even knew about them.

  10. Jim March Simpson

    One aspect of all of this nobody’s talking about yet is it as fast and furious came unglued the ATF tried to pin the illegal gun sales to the gun dealers. Now as that happened one of the gun dealers showed up on the AZ Guns forum and described what was happening. His story was that ATF was ordering him to make specific illegal sales to specific people and he audio and video recorded both the sales and the illegal orders he got to make the sales from ATF agents.

    When they try to prosecute the gun dealer the gun dealer had his lawyer turn over all the audio recordings of the illegal orders. Not only did the charges rapidly drop, the gun dealer ended up settling a lawsuit and in the process agreed to keep quiet about the whole mess. The forum posts describing what happened were taken down.

    I am nearly certain that the gun dealer involved at the time was called Lone Wolf in Arizona. The guy that owns that shop needs to be subpoenaed and brought to Congress because the only way he can make a public disclosure of what happened given the silence he agreed to in the lawsuit is if he is subpoenaed.

    If this is what happens it would mark yet another event where a lawful gun owner or gun dealer was set up for criminal charges by the ATF.

  11. Unfortunately I fear this investigation will die on the vine a second time. Too many forces are still actively working against it. Even our current attorney general appears to be working against the investigation.

    Rest in Peace Agent Terry

  12. I wish to know how to contact Ms. Attkinson. Regarding the gun store owners who suffered greatly including federal jail time with solitary confinement. All to quiet the constitution violations. My family and I suffered greatly, allfor a cover up.

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