Confessions from “The Swamp”

We have another maddening but important cover story this week: A current member of Congress tells about the outrageous transactional politics controlling Capitol Hill. What does it mean? He says both Democrats and Republicans agree behind the scenes to refrain from cutting spending and programs that benefit special interests. He also says members of Congress are often legislating based on the desires of corporate donors rather than constituents. Don’t miss this extraordinary interview.

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Look here for a partial list of TV stations and times

Lisa Fletcher digs into the most-feared gang known as MS-13, which has spread to a majority of states in the U.S., bringing violence with it. Gang members are especially focused on recruiting from the pool of  thousands of unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed into the U.S. in the last few years. Once here, the youths become legal, are allowed to stay, and are placed in communities and schools nationwide. But they become ripe targets for strong-arm gang members.

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And you won’t want to miss my interview with a liberal University of Texas professor. He supported President Obama and Bernie Sanders but slams the news media for what he says is our unfair treatment of President Trump–a politician he neither likes nor agrees with, but who, he says, deserves accurate reporting.[hr]

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12 thoughts on “Confessions from “The Swamp””

  1. Alan S. Kaplan M.D.

    You really should look into the retirement packages of Congress – as I understand it, spend one term in the house and get a pension for life – no wonder they – as you pointed out in today’s show – they (newly elected) go along with the system – there is a reward at the end of the road.

    1. I did a story on this a few yrs back. It turns out a lot of the rumors are incorrect re: their retirement plan etc. but they do still have a decent deal compared to many Americans

  2. FYI YAHOO is making it impossible to get to you site. After several attempts…finally had to go thru Dogpile to get here. Keep up the good work, Sharyl.

  3. I consider Sharyl the last TRUE investigative journalist remaining in our corrupted country!!! God Bless You Girl…and thank you to Congressman Buck for having the cahonnes to stand up for what is RIGHT!!!

  4. Dear Sharyl Attkisson,

    As always, thank you so much for your thoughtful, level-headed reporting, covering important issues that the rest of the media ignores.

    Given the awful news coming out of Las Vegas right now, I wanted to draw attention to two angles that aren’t being covered.
    One is the possibility of Paddock taking SSRI (antidepressants). I have not heard one reporter ask if the man was taking antidepressants, yet these drugs are known for causing homicidal/suicidal tendencies.
    This always comes to mind when I hear of these shootings, but probably because pharma advertising is so important to most media, the public is not encouraged to ask questions like this.

    The other is the shooting by the numbers. The official reports do not appear to add up.
    “…a potential MAXIMUM of only 360 rounds could be fired at full auto burst with NO magazine changes in the approximate four minutes or 240 seconds of the shooting!”

    “So, Paddock didn’t fire 360 rounds in 240 seconds because he had to stop and change magazines…probably 30 round mags. That would be THIRTEEN magazine changes in the 240 seconds. And it is reported he fired from both broken out windows in the room/s.”

    “Survivors state there were shooting pauses and that is when they would run.”

    “Let’s say Paddock managed to get off an amazing 300 rounds in 4 minutes (or 240 seconds) and hit someone with EVERY ROUND.”

    “Remember, there were 573 killed and wounded according to late statistics.”
    “the lone shooter killed or wounded 2.1 persons per second”

    That is from one weapons expert. With your experience and sources you likely have access to many others to probe further.

    Btw, I have begun reading Smeared and am really enjoying it.

    God Bless You and Keep You Safe, Sharyl. Fear No Question.


  5. So thrilled about book(s) success. I’m pushing folks to also read STONEWALLED. I’ve been reviewing Roger Stone’s comments about testimony and his timeline. Some anomalies and misdirects in it – hire date delegate cowboy vs campaign mgr (inner circle). Also, the “bust” of Manafort seems really wonky (on purpose). Mueller ain’t no dummy – way too aggressive for this kind of investigation. Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser!

  6. Katherine Flanagan

    I saw your show Sunday w Ken Buck”drain the swamp” book.
    Outrage is how I feel! Issues that need addressing to correct
    Our democracy 1. Balanced budget amendment .
    2. Term limits for congress
    3. Campaign finance reform
    4. Gerrymandering reform

    If these issues were addressed and installed we would have a democracy that
    Both worked for the majority and produced the strongest and most
    Respected government in the world!

  7. I just read your book. Terrific. You know the thing about it is most of us suspect there is shenanagins going on, the level of vitriol has picked up markedly in the last 15 years. The thing is most of us know what’s going on. Its why Trump won. He may act like a jerk and participate in this stuff but he is not afraid which is a wonderful quality. Also I think he’s honest with us and is trying to get things done. It’s a relief to know you re out there fighting the fight. Thank you for your hard work and courage.

  8. Unfortunately, what we have is a very CORRUPT government, period. Like I have mentioned before. I support you 100% and I am looking forward to whether or not you receive justice. What happened to you and many other Americans CANNOT continue. Our new President is a start, BUT it’s only a start. Many government officials need to be held accountable, but as long as those like Hillary and Comey continue to walk around free after openly admitting to breaking laws. We, you, will never get justice. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Sharyl
    I just finished listening to your book The Smear. Thank you for doing all that interesting and information research. It’s mind boggling how many tangled webs that have been woven by the smear artists — on both sides — but mostly on the Dems side. What is wrong with people? Doesn’t anyone have any scruples or values anymore? I came away feeling like NO ONE is believable these days. Where do we go for the real truth? How do we know the news is REAL? I feel like I don’t want to read or listen to anything anymore!

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