Full Measure: We’re Back!

Above image: Looking into North Korea as Dictator Kim rattles his saber
At the “most militarized border on the planet”: North and South Korea

On this Sunday’s debut of Season 3 of Full Measure: We’re in South Korea to examine what’s really going on as North Korea threatens to attack U.S. interests with nuclear weapons. How did we get here? We’ll explain the status clearly and with no spin in a way you won’t hear anywhere else.

A South Korean lawmaker talks about North Korea’s nuclear weapons development

Also, Joce Sterman digs into the so-called “continuity of government plans” in case of a major national disaster in the U.S. She’ll tell why some think the secretive program and the huge price tag deserve scrutiny.

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3 thoughts on “Full Measure: We’re Back!”

  1. Every person impacted by politics in some way, elected officials, civil servants, taxpayers, businessmen, etc. need to read The Smear with its awesome insight and documentation. Not one person in 10,000 have a clue as to how they are manipulated and indoctrinated in this country.

  2. Hi. Ms. Attkisson, I have read “Stonewalled” and am now reading “The Smear”. Amazing stuff and I congratulate you for bringing this information to the public’s attention. Who can we trust? I have largely pulled back from all news sources except for you and Bill O’Reilly. “Full Measure” and Bill O’Reilly’s podcasts are where I have turned.

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