The Wall, Tax Cuts, Paris Refugee Crisis and MRI Dangers

Above image: Laredo, Texas near the Mexican border[hr]

Sunday on Full Measure:

I went to the border of Texas and Mexico to see what’s really going on. I just spoke to residents and law enforcement about illegal immigration, drug cartels and the prospects of a Trump Wall. See what you think. Sunday on Full Measure.

Also, President Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohn told me he’s extremely optimistic about prospects for a middle income tax cut effective this coming January. Hear what he has to say.

The media haven’t reported much lately on the refugee crisis in Europe. But Scott Thuman found that, in Paris, it may be worse than ever. It’s another story you won’t see anywhere else.

And we’ll update our cover story on Chuck Norris and his wife, and the risks of MRI dye. FDA advisers took action this week.

Chuck Norris and his wife Gena speak about her MRI-related illness

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