Sunday on Full Measure, we examine the state of Obamacare today: our expert calls it “the Walking Dead” or “Zombiecare.” He’ll sort through the confusion and uncertainty to tell you whether or not the law requires you to buy insurance for 2018, whether you’ll have to pay a penalty if you don’t, and why he says none of the political proposals addresses the true problem. This is information nobody else is reporting.

Rome is known for its beautiful, historic fountains. So why are some of them running dry? Scott Thuman reports from Italy on a water crisis facing much of Europe.

And the U.S. military is the best in the world. But some say its incentive and retirement structure chases away some of the best and brightest. Could something be done to fix that? [hr]

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3 thoughts on ““Zombiecare””

  1. Rob Moore ('67 Gator of Lincolnville, Maine)

    Dear Mrs. Attkisson,

    Following the showing of the movie “Vaxxed” in NYC you participated in a panel discussion about the movie. One of the other people on stage with you was Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has done remarkably extensive research on a variety of health issues including vaccinations. She recently published a book entitled “Cindy & Erica’s Obsession” that addresses many of the health issues that are plaguing America. I would like to send a copy of the book to you in hopes that health issues will be your next great cause. Stephanie’s message is profound but needs an advocate with a long reach. I hope you will send me your office mailing address or that you will order the book on Amazon or that you will contact Stephanie directly at: [email protected]
    She would be delighted to send you a copy herself.
    Full disclosure: Stephanie’s husband, Victor Zue, also an MIT superstar, was my Gator roommate fifty years ago. They remain close personal friends.

    P.S. I loved Stonewalled! Good luck with your law suit. Hurrah for you! Persist!

    Just received our letters from insurance. I am beside myself with grief on it. How can they actually expect a family to be able to pay $30,000 a year just in premiums alone! I make less than $50,000 a year but do not qualify for a subsidy because my husband also works and we make more than the $65,000 allowed for a subsidy. I am basically working for free because 100% of my work wages go to health insurance. I know for sure in 2018 I will personally have to go without insurance. I am 55 years old and have been working my entire life to be able to buy the things I want, to help my kids pay for College, to go on vacations, none of this is even possible due to this outrageous health insurance. I am healthy and prior to Obama have always only had catastrophic insurance which I am “not allowed” to have anymore. Our premiums in 2017 were $18,768. For 2018 the letter say $30,432. Just for premiums! I live in Wisconsin.

  3. I wish I could get your reporting in my market, Kansas City. We are listed as the country’s 30th largest metro (MSA) by the Census Bureau, but there is no SBC affiliate here.

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