How China Could Be Making Your Life More Expensive

Above: Full Measure in Asia

China is executing a massive plan that aims control much of the world economy. Our Full Measure cover story this week from Asia explains why you should care about “One Belt One Road.”

Interviewing in Southeast Asia for this week’s “One Belt One Road” cover story

Full Measure on the road in Asia

We’ll also Follow the Money and tell you how your tax dollars are paying for flights you’ll probably never be on…to tiny, little-travelled airports.

And if you only know Travis Tritt as a Grammy award winning country music star–You Don’t Know Tritt! We’ll show you another side.

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One Response to “How China Could Be Making Your Life More Expensive”

  1. Jerry Ginsberg
    November 19, 2017 at 2:31 pm #

    As someone who was once up to his eyebrows in state and then national politics and the press, I admire and wholeheartedly congratulate you on being perhaps the only thoroughly honest journalist in America today.
    Keep goin’!