They shoot drug users in the streets…

Above image: Interviewing an opponent of Philippine President Duterte in a Manila suburb[hr]

Sunday on Full Measure, we have an incredible cover story from The Philippines where President Duterte is drawing international attention for his radical tactics in fighting drug crimes and Islamic extremist terrorism: he has given the green light for police and ordinary citizens to shoot down drug dealers–and users–in the streets without trial. And he’s installed martial law in the troubled southern region where ISIS is said to be moving in. We’ll talk to President Duterte’s vocal opponents and also some of his supporters as he enjoys popularity ratings that are the envy of any national leader.

Reporting from Manila, The Philippines

We’ll also look back at the media’s “Big Miss” one year after Donald Trump was elected. Are reporters and pundits any closer to understanding what they missed and why?

And Scott Thuman reports on the changing face of the Eiffel Tower in light of the ongoing threat of Islamic extremist terrorist violence.

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1 thought on “They shoot drug users in the streets…”

  1. Just finished “The Smear” and have been blown away – things that should be illegal (and at the very least are morally repugnant and very corrosive to our national life).

    Thank you, and be careful!

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