Congress: Ethically Challenged?

Ethics allegations are flying inside Hollywood, the news media and Congress. This week on Full Measure, we look into the system Congress has set up to police itself when it comes to ethics. We found that system is as dysfunctional as anything in Washington D.C.  Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll have some stats and examples.[hr]

Scott Thuman reports from Jerusalem as we give a bit of historic perspective as to why recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is considered so controversial by some. It’s a pivotal city to three world religions.

We’ll explore the new proposed law that would require employers to check the immigration status of employees through a national eVerify system.

And five years after the fact, I received a partial response from the government to a Freedom of Information Act request I filed several years ago for public documents about Benghazi. (The response was due, under the law, within about 30 days.) What do the documents reveal?

Watch Full Measure #originalreporting on TV and online Sunday. Livestream is 9:30a ET Sunday. Replays posted online and viewable anytime![hr]

[hr]Buy the New York Times bestseller “The Smear” or check it our from your local library!

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