The Border Challenge

Above image: a view from the Texas border town of Laredo[hr]

This week on Full Measure, I take you on a no-spin trip to the Southern Border. We’ll see the dangers faced daily by the hard working men and women who protect our border as a constant stream of drug traffickers and other illegal immigrants comes through. We’ll also hear how illegal traffic is significantly down since President Trump took office, according to law enforcement officials.

Border Patrol Laredo Sector Division Chief Scott Good with a haul of marijuana brought in by illegal immigrants during our Full Measure visit

Also, Lisa Fletcher looks at what some call a Pentagon “slush fund.” Watchdogs say it’s allowing the Pentagon to spend billions of your tax dollars in unintended ways.

And we’ll speak to a doctor who authored a book called “The American Sickness.” She looks beyond Obamacare at what’s wrong with our health care system in the big picture. One problem? Companies make more money treating diseases like diabetes than curing them.

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  1. Dear Ms Atkisson: How would you suggest that a person go about becoming a journalist or an investigative reporter these days? So many “journalists” do it so badly that I have to wonder about the college classes that currently exist. Is there a book (or a series of books) you can suggest that would allow someone to train themselves? Or perhaps a series of talks or lectures to watch or listen to?

    Best regards,
    Tim Scott

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