Is Fake News Real? Watch my Tedx Talk and find out.

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Catch my Tedx talk: Is Fake New Real?

For more on this topic, read “The Smear.” Buy it today or check it out from you local library. 

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One Response to “Is Fake News Real? Watch my Tedx Talk and find out.”

  1. 29ytfgg87gog
    February 16, 2018 at 1:45 am #

    There is another aspect to fake news besides sloppy biased MSM reporting and attempts to suppress conservative media. The other Fake News is the attnetion grabbing but totally fake stories that are really click bait intended to generate ad revenue. Many of these are retweeted and shared on social media because many people on social media are addicted to likes, retweets and shares so they will post anything that will get them more likes, retweets, and shares. They are addicted because the social media apps are designed to produce compulsive behavior.

    If you use social media to follow news stories, (and some stories are burried by both MSM and conservative media, leaving social media the only place to get information about them) you will see that there is a lot of truly fake stuff out there. This fake news problem is caused by the social media companies designing the apps in a way that induces people to spread sensational (fake) stories. They caused it. How ironic that they used it to justify a campaign of political cencorship.

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