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12 thoughts on “Is Fake News Real? Watch my Tedx Talk and find out.”

  1. Hello,

    I am absolutely stunned at what is happening in the ‘land of the free’.

    I am currently reading your book “Stonewalled” for more background. I appreciate your work / commentary on Hannity and at this site (first visit). I have been following the current political controversy closely and am gravely concerned for the futuree of democracy in our country. I posited to a close friend and U of M Journalism grad 2 weeks ago that with a propagandized media we may be nearing the end of our countries great democratic experiment. I wrote the following brief summary (below) last week as a synopsis of where I feel we stand at this moment.

    Thanks again for your courage and commitment to justice.

    U.S. Lawmakers Stand at the Crossroad

    Accumulating evidence indicates that a group of people at the highest levels of our government attempted to overturn the 2016 election of President Donald Trump.

    It is by virtue of a small group of dedicated lawmakers, journalists and whistleblowers, ignoring deafening hypocrisy, that this story is even seeing the light of day. Equally alarming, what needs to happen next does not seem to be happening. In fact, the perpetrators plan seems to be working. Many of the people that evidence indicates were complicit in this crime continue to go to work every day and take paychecks from the agencies that they compromised. With the support of a compliant media and partisan political cover, a pattern of obstruction directed at the very entities charged with thier oversight has emerged. That’s what’s happening in plain sight.

    The United States may never have needed a fair and aggressive Attorney General more than this moment in our history. Jeff Sessions seems like an honorable man. He either needs to be that man now, or step down. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s objections to the release of the Nunes memo were facetious at best. His fingerprints are all over this case. An interim Deputy A.G. should be appointed immediately. Mr. Rosenstein should have no problem with this if he’s innocent.

    Robert Mueller’s investigation should continue. President Trump made a commitment to complete transparency at the outset of the investigation and he has honored it. The fact that only alleged Republican wrongdoing has been investigated while Democrats have escaped any scrutiny whatsoever is evidence of GOP capitulation to unequal partisan justice. This must stop now.

    Drawing similarities to allegations of what happened in this election to Watergate is either duplicitous or betrays a shallow comprehension of facts. Watergate was a botched burglary of the DNC Headquarters by Republicans to obtain strategic information about their opponents. In 2016’s election Hillary Clinton had already usurped DNC control from her unwitting party opponent while the IRS, FBI, DOJ, FISA Court, and God knows what else was politicized to insure an election determined by a group of breathtakingly arrogant perpetrators.
    The United States is at the crossroad. The rule of law must prevail for our great Democratic experiment to survive. If people sworn to protect our freedoms attempted to overthrow our government, they must not be allowed to walk free. If they do, the law of the land will become nothing more than a historic artifact.

  2. RIGHT ON! FINALLY, a clear dot-to-dot investigation showing what many believed to be fact – the concerted manipulation of truth by the Left & their continued harmful works advocating for laws & Universities to support “their truth”.

    THANK YOU for connecting those dots!!!

  3. Ms. Attkisson,

    Thank you for being a courageous investigative journalist. It is not easy to take a position against the values of your colleagues and against some of the most powerful corporations in the world. Your follow the money approach is tried and true and I wonder why this approach is rarely taken by other investigative journalists in recent times. I believe there are more people like you out there, but they are being defunded as quickly as it is possible to do so. Maybe you don’t need any funding, but I suspect there are a lot of people who want to hear more from you and would be happy to subscribe or donate to your publications.

  4. I retired from as a Louisiana public school History teacher because the state department of Education rolled out a new curriculum that gave me a script to follow, and a resource that was created by the government (Know Louisiana). They justified their action by saying that textbook companies were inconsistent in factual information.
    All content area subjects in Louisiana now have a script. I object specifically to a script for History/Social studies. I believe this puts to much political power in the hands of a small group of bureaucrats.
    I loved teaching History and had hoped to teach for several more years. I told my principal I could not, in good conscience, teach this curriculum.
    After reading your article, I believe Media Literacy may have influenced our new curriculum. I would like to discuss my concerns with you in greater detail. I think you would be very interested in State of Louisiana’s seizure of our teacher’s classrooms.

  5. There is another aspect to fake news besides sloppy biased MSM reporting and attempts to suppress conservative media. The other Fake News is the attnetion grabbing but totally fake stories that are really click bait intended to generate ad revenue. Many of these are retweeted and shared on social media because many people on social media are addicted to likes, retweets and shares so they will post anything that will get them more likes, retweets, and shares. They are addicted because the social media apps are designed to produce compulsive behavior.


    If you use social media to follow news stories, (and some stories are burried by both MSM and conservative media, leaving social media the only place to get information about them) you will see that there is a lot of truly fake stuff out there. This fake news problem is caused by the social media companies designing the apps in a way that induces people to spread sensational (fake) stories. They caused it. How ironic that they used it to justify a campaign of political cencorship.

  6. Fake news is addressed by fact checking. Its a tool used to promote the MSM bias. The Russian collusion narrative was created by people trying to promote their agendas.
    The MSM is as guilty as the Russians?Mueller has indicted. Wake the fuck up!!

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