Is “Fake News” Real?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]s “Fake News–Real?” Find the surprising origin of the term “Fake News,” as a propaganda campaign rolled out in September 2016. Hint: Donald Trump didn’t invent it; it was a hostile takeover.

Watch my TEDx Talk here.


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9 thoughts on “Is “Fake News” Real?”

  1. Sharyl
    My best friend and fishing buddy wanted me to ask if you remember his wife Jean Chance at UF(professor)

  2. Sharyl, I watched your Ted Talk on Fake News. Enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. Like I have said before, I think the most important story for our country right now. Is whether or not we will have equal justice. If those involved in the CONSPIRACY during the 2016 Presidential Election are not brought to justice. We’re doomed as a country.

  3. Great Book “The Smear”….rarely do I find a book I cant put down!

    Ted Talk’s solid!

    I have not watched CNN MSNBC ABC CBS news in over 2 years and could not even tell you who the anchors are.

    1. I’ve read ‘The Smear’ and ‘Sronewalled’. They are two of the best books I’ve ever read. Honestly I couldn’t say which was better. They are both massive winners.

  4. Sheryl, you are one of the real reporters. Jon Rappoport and Jim Stone are up there with you. Keep up your excellent work!

  5. I love seeing real journalists like Sharyl. It’s really rare to see veteran reporters actually giving the facts about what’s happening, rather than just pushing conspiracy theories about Russia. I’ve been saying this for months now that Donald Trump did not invent the term “Fake News.” Jon Rappoport invented the term over a decade a go and right after the election it was co-opted by the mainstream media and all at once was used as a way to try to discredit independent media which elected Trump. After all that, Trump said “wait a minute, YOU’RE fake news!” and all of the sudden the mainstream media is claiming that Trump is against a free press when they were the one’s using that weaponized term to try to censor the real free press in the first place.

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