One Trump-Russia probe coming to a close

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e asked the lead Republican and Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee for interviews to talk about their findings in their Russia related investigations. Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) agreed to chat. Sunday on Full Measure, he’ll give details on  their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, which is almost over. We still have to hear from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the same topic. Meantime, the Intel committee also unearthed allegedly improper, politically-motivated “unmaskings.” Obama officials requested the “unmasking” of the names of hundreds of US citizens who were supposedly “accidentally” captured in government  surveillance. The names are supposed to be strictly protected for privacy reasons but some of them, including political enemies of the Obama administration and Clinton campaign, were leaked to the press in a derogatory way. The committee is also looking into alleged conflicts of interest and unethical behavior by some at the FBI and Justice Department.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) talks with Full Measure about the many Russia-related investigations underway.

Also coming up Sunday, believe it or not we buy a lot of our security cameras from China and those cameras are weaving their way into our classified systems. Lisa Fletcher talks to an expert who’s been warning about this security risk for years.

And Scott Thuman heads to George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon, Virginia, where he visits the contentious relationship between the press and our forefathers.

Be sure to catch my TEDx talk on “Is ‘Fake News’ Real?” for the surprising origins of the fake news campaign. You will be surprised.

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6 thoughts on “One Trump-Russia probe coming to a close”

  1. Untouchable subjects? Hi Sharyl, I have an untouchable story for you.. Baptist Health Hospital in Little Rock, Ar killed (medical homicide) my mother on 4-10-17. We caught them, we have audio, video, photos, an autopsy, and her medical records which proves it all. We also have them on audio threatening the safety of 16 other patients in the ICU at the same time my mother was there. We paid to have an autopsy done which proves motive and murder when viewed with our evidence. In fact, we have so much evidence, the state medical examiner (Frank Peretti – of the Memphis 3) that we hired and paid, has hired a lawyer against the family now so he does not have to look at our evidence. We even have the medical examiner on tape, stating he will help us, to give our evidence to him… on tape. We believe the governor of Arkansas has intervened and shut him down. We have all this evidence and the state shuts him down from helping us. Hospitals committing murder.. Can you touch this? The Hospital first tried to settle with us, then tried to get us to commit fraud, and when we confronted the CEO Troy Wells about this they hired a big law firm in Little Rock (Wright Lindsey Jennings) against us. (David Glover is the attorney). We’ve been trying for a year to find a lawyer in the corrupt state of Arkansas to no avail. We spoken to the coroner in Fayetteville, Ar and he said it sounded like homicide to him, he sent us to a private investigator in Hot springs, Ar who had a few choice words about Peretti. We could not afford him however. We’ve spoken to homicide detectives, (not in Arkansas), we spoken to doctors and all agree this sounds like murder. According to the doctor, this happens all the time, they just never get caught, we caught them and the state is covering it up.

  2. Mrs Attkisson has earned my gratitude for the work she has done regarding the origins of fake news in our current lexicon. Thank you for relieving my naivete regarding the depth/breadth of the liberal idealougues corruption in both belief system and political action. The TedX performance, a touch of appropriate humor atop a devastating factual critique, without malice or cynicism. You have earned a new fan. Thank You.

    Brantly Westfall
    San Francisco

  3. Sharyl:

    I am listening to Audible: “Smear,” as the Russian FBI findings go public. Were you duped by a Russian sleight of hand? The DNC was feeding stories to MSM, I wonder if it was coming from Russians faking to be DNC?

  4. Sharly

    Our paths crossed many years ago (1985-86? at Victory’s in German Village) in Columbus, Ohio. I was the weekend anchor at WTVN and you were a “short-time” reporter at WBNS.(LOL) Anyway, I have been in New Hampshire for the last 30-years as the lead anchor at WMUR-TV. I am writing to simply tell you that you work is admired and appreciated ! Our craft has become polluted by forces I can not longer even identify. If I can be of help to you at any time with contacts or background about what is going on in New Hampshire do not hesitate to call !

    Tom Griffith

  5. Just finished watching your interview with Mr. Nunes. Great job…as usual. I guess Cry Baby Schiff was SCARED to come and flap his lying lips. I don’t care what Party someone belongs to. When you refuse an interview like this. It speaks VOLUMES! Keep up the great work Sharyl. Go Trump and Go America!

  6. I am reading your book The Smear and wondering how our government can indict the Russians for the very same behavior the government, non-profits and other groups take part in?

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