The “odd” Susan Rice memo

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n his final weeks in office, did President Obama suggest withholding national security information from the lawfully elected incoming president of the United States and his team?

Excerpts of a newly unearthed email that Obama national security adviser Susan Rice wrote to herself on her last day at the White House raise that important question. (Read the rest of the story in The Hill)


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2 thoughts on “The “odd” Susan Rice memo”

  1. If I recall correctly, there was a significant number of “unmasking” requests done in her name. Bring her before the Senate Judiciary Committee. If she pleads the Fifth regarding them or this “final day” memo, it may raise the curtain on a great show.

  2. Most transparent administration, isn’t that what Obama said his would be?

    Guess that would depend on his definition of “transparent.”

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