Attkisson v. DOJ, FBI computer intrusion lawsuit — and the switched hard drive

Everyone hopes the Department of Justice’s inspector general (IG) will fairly investigate surveillance activities conducted on U.S. citizens by the FBI and intel agencies. Just like we hope the IG’s office will reach fair conclusions in its probes of alleged FBI misconduct concerning the Hillary Clinton investigation, leaks to the media and conflicts of interest.

But, for me, there’s reason to be wary.

Read the rest of the article in The Hill:

Below is a video update:

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14 thoughts on “Attkisson v. DOJ, FBI computer intrusion lawsuit — and the switched hard drive”

  1. Big Brother is watching, listening and apparently stealing. It seems that with each passing day, the total lack of control at DOJ gets worse and worse. Small wonder that so many people are losing faith in government. They have all apparently forgotten that they are public servants who are supposed to be working for us.

  2. Hi Sharyl, Many thanks and I am currently reading your book which is excellent.

    I would very much like to email you an article I wrote about what i calling the ‘Trump – Sessions Enigma’ which i think you might appreciate. Obviously it is very difficult to email you directly for obvious reasons but I can confirm my credentials independently if required.
    Sincerely, Philip

  3. I hate that this happened to you or anyone, but I am also glad you are not backing down. It is really unbelievable and just scary sometimes to think of the power our government holds. I admire your courage.

  4. It sounds like a cheap novel, and reads like a primer on what is wrong with the deep state actors who actually control our government. No one is supposed to be above the law, but it is really disturbing when the agency you turned to is so convinced of their omnipotence, that they would swap out your hard drive and give you a story.
    The fact that the IG’s would office would tell a well respected journalist a story, let alone swap out your hard drive is a very scary thing. To know this is happening even into this new administration, actually turns my stomach.
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on this story, and I will stay tuned.

    1. Even electing a President who was intent upon draining the swamp is not enough. The deep state is dangerously out of control – and Jeff Sessions doesn’t think that is extraordinary enough to appoint a special prosecutor.

  5. What is happening in this country is truly scary. The more power the government gets the more apt they are to feel the need to spy so they are able to keep that power.

  6. DOJ/ICE: Knock, Knock Mayor Schaaf: Who is there? DOJ/ICE: I C U Mayor Schaaf: I C U who? DOJ/ICE: I C U under arrest. I always like a happy ending.

  7. I too have been harassed for over 3 years, by “unknown forces”. I recently had my truck broken-into, and The most important thumb drive was stolen. I am pasting a copy of my letter to the administrator of the WPB VA Med. Cntr. It explains my situation.
    I hesitate to put my name as these snakes apparently use search engines, continuously, to search for their targets. But, then, they will know me by my email. So, here goes.
    [[I loved you book, Smear.]]
    Boynton Beach, FL 33426
    Nov. 1, 2017
    Ketina Olowu
    Administrator, WPB VA Medical Center

    Dear Sir:
    First let me thank you for what you do. The WPB VAMC has a very helpful staff.
    Next, the main purpose of this letter:
    I detoxed twice in 2016, and once last week. I have heard from the staff many, many times in two different years that no one is ever discharged on weekends.
    HOWEVER, I was discharged, last Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017. Very odd. . . . Why was I discharged on Sunday? . . . The following strange events may explain it.
    … When I got to the first floor, I noticed a VA Policeman standing by the exit, several paces away. As soon as he saw me, he exited – (he knew when I would be discharged). I walked to the exit, and there was a police car, sitting there. — I didn’t think anything of it.
    My truck was in the lower lot, on the Blue Heron Blvd. side. So, I walked south, and the police car slowly passed me. I walked to the upper parking lot, on the way to the outdoor stairs. There, the police car was making a slow circle in the upper lot. Very strange. Nevertheless, I waved as he passed me. (I was unable to see inside the car, as it had Police-Black-Out tinting.
    I took the stairs down. I saw my truck was the only vehicle in the lot, as it was Sunday, afternoon. And, guess what happened!! . . . The police car came from the road into that lot, and drove down the aisle, drove around the end, and stopped IN FRONT of My Truck. – This policeman had been waiting for me, by the exit of the building. And, I was being harassed.!! – I recognize this as harassment because I have experienced this from unknown forces, over the past three years. (Based on my experiences – repeated, remote computer interference with my job applications, and one time, even, cellphone jamming. These “unknown forces” are probably the N.S.A., as incredible as it sounds.)
    When I got home, I discovered that my most important computer thumb drive (the only one that was teal and white) was missing FROM MY TRUCK. The other drives were still in the bag. . . . The stolen drive had been in a plastic bag with other drives, and that grocery bag was in my book bag. ONLY my most important drive was taken.
    Question: How did the thief know it was in a plastic grocery bag inside my book bag?? . . . Answer: I am under surveillance. . . . In the past, I have taken my book bag into the library, and removed the grocery bag, and pulled the drive out before using it in the library. Whoever they are, THEY watched me do this, and that’s how they knew where it was – nothing else was missing. This also explains the interference, i.e. alterations of my job applications, also happening in the library. (Don’t know how they do this, but I suspect, I guess, they use a wifi device.)
    I would like to file a police report of the theft: My truck was broken into, and the drive was stolen while in the VA parking lot. BUT, I will not waste my time filing a police report, because, it looks like THE POLICE WERE INVOLVED. – No doubt, they were contacted when my social security number appeared in the V computer system. And, the police bow down to the tyrants.
    Furthermore, now, I suspect the doctor in 3C, who released me on a Sunday, was involved. She came in especially to release me on a Sunday – the doctors have never been available on weekends.
    The missing thumb drive had a folder on it, among many others, titled “Evidence of Harassment.” Over the past three years, I logged the many, many incidents which included evidence of phone monitoring. I have been under surveillance for unknown reasons, though I have my suspicions that it has to do with a website that I developed many years ago. I have let it go defunct, hoping that would stop the harassment but it has not. – The site has been deleted. It was politically incorrect, but it was information, only.
    Based on my site-counter, almost no one saw it, anyway, and I never advocated any kind of action, based on the information. I was just trying to change people’s minds. My right of free speech is being violated, BY ENFORCERS of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS; and, the VA Police are in league with the perpetrators.
    I would like you to investigate this matter, and please, get my thumb drive from the police, or their accomplices.
    Please, keep this letter in your files, as evidence: If you give this to the police, they will contact the unknown forces harassing me, and the harassment will increase. I am only guilty of a THOUGHT “CRIME” – not a crime, but even so, that can been deadly. For example, Andrew Breibart, the founder of Breitbart News, was killed for thought crimes – probably by these same ‘snakes’ masquerading as men. [I truncate the “Sincerely” etc.]

  8. Hi,Ketina
    Be strong,you are not alone !!!
    I’m and God know how many more people (in this ones great country,)in the same situation..
    Time will come..
    I’m from Lake Zurich,Illinois.
    visit for more info

  9. Thanks for all you do, Sharyl! Keep up the good fight. Don’t give up. It DOES matter!

    We’re watching our civil liberties slowly erode and we depend on people like you with the courage and stamina to keep pursuing the truth and hold powers accountable – no matter how long it takes – and willing to keep shouting from the mountain top when it must feel like no one is listening.

    Your voice IS being heard and you’re an inspiration to us all! I pray that other journalists will be encouraged and motivated by you and follow in your footsteps.

    We love you and keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks for the video update Sharyl. You mentioned Horowitz in your follow up. This is really starting to worry me. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you were wronged, illegally by our government and others. If Horowitz is somehow helping cover-up what happened to you. We are all in some serious trouble. I know you did not say he was doing that, BUT the country is waiting on his report on another matter. I can only hope you will receive justice, and if there is ANYTHING at all that I can do to help you. Please feel free to ask. I’m sick and tired of those with power over us abusing that power.

    1. Tell everyone you know and get the word out about the corruption — and pray. Regardless of what these power-crazed bureaucrats believe — they are accountable to the Lord — and He is the God of History. Daniel 2:21 — He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings.

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