Hollywood’s Ugly Side

Above image: A statue of alleged predator Harvey Weinstein on the Hollywood Walk of Fame[hr]

“Hollywood Hypocrisy” is our cover story on Sunday’s Full Measure. Hollywood’s double standard regarding its treatment of women is coming home to roost. We go to L.A. to examine the sordid history of the casting couch and whether real change is on the way.

Joce Sterman looks into the problem of sexual misconduct in the U.S. military. She found that the military branches don’t even have a common definition of what constitutes sexual harassment. That makes it difficult to fix the problem within our nation’s biggest employer.

And we go back to the Southern Philippines where ISIS Islamic extremist terrorists are trying to establish an independent state or “caliphate” from which they can launch attacks throughout Southeast Asia. As the U.S. assists the Philippines’ military, there are new warnings from the U.S. State Department about dangerous developments.

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Philippine military troops on patrol to rescue kidnap victims from Islamic extremist terrorists


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[hr]Watch Sharyl Attkisson’s TEDx Talk on the surprising true origins of the “Fake News” propaganda campaign.


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5 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Ugly Side”

  1. I am leaving a comment about the military. I have never been in the service, but I have heard from people who do. The military is scared of the press who have distorted stories about them. Men have been railroaded to get good press. For instance, an in depth study found that many rape charges were false and the military kept it silent.
    I have also read that “Tailhook” reporting was very slanted.

    To get good information I suggest you talk to former military people anonymously. The cost of doing this otherwise is to high for most military people.

  2. You are against regulations?????? WOW!!!!
    Personally, I prefer clean air, clean food, clean water, safe cars, safe drugs, etc. etc.

    That “hate regulations” conservative is playing into the pockets of corporations that want to rob us regular folks blind by deregulating safeguards that keep ordinary folk alive, and the planet intact. We need MORE regulations to control these con men and polluters and protect US.

    It IS the money, and I prefer these bankers and corporations be kept under at least some control.

  3. All it would take is a few changes in the letters high up on that hill (Mount Lee). They once spelled out HOLLYWOODLAND and no, as I’m sure most your readers are aware. It was not for movies, but an advertisement for a segregated real estate community. Imagine that. Say it isn’t so! Maybe someone could start another campaign to raise money to replace the letters. Prior campaigns included contributions from Musician Alice Cooper and the man who started Kelley Blue Book, Les Kelley. It wouldn’t take long to raise the money to make the change from HOLLYWOOD to HYPOCRISY. Shouldn’t take more than a few days to generate the money needed and they could keep the existing H, O and Y.

  4. I think a deeper explanation exists! Lack of employment might be a root cause. By that I mean … more and more leading roles, in the Hollywood film industry, is being offered to people living outside of the U.S. That realization might make “The Ugly” bubble up and rise to the top; thus foster an underlining resentment … in another form!

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