Snowflake Syndrome and Paying the Dead

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]elieve if or not, some Americans argue that hearing speech they don’t like is akin to physical assault! Critics have given them the name “Snowfake.” Sunday on Full Measure, we look at Snowflake Syndrome and how it impacts free speech on college campuses. We’ll hear from ACLU attorney Lee Rowland, who says she is frequently surprised by youth who tell her that the Constitution “doesn’t protect hate speech.” We’ll also talk to talk show host Adam Carolla, who is attacking the topic in an upcoming movie.

Full Measure interviewed Adam Carolla (left) on a day that Carolla hosted Joran Peterson (right) on his Los Angeles-based podcast

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Also this week, we dig into the topic of public money and your tax dollars Paying the Dead. For example, an investigation a few years back found 6.5 million social security number holders, who were collecting social security funds, were supposedly over age 112. Sen. Tom Carper tells Lisa Fletcher the U.S. government could do a much better job at cracking down on this waste.

Danse macabre by Michael Wolgemut

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5 thoughts on “Snowflake Syndrome and Paying the Dead”

  1. That is NOT Dr. Drew on the right! That is Jordan Peterson. Why delete my earlier comment? Just correct your caption.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t see that the comment was still awaiting moderation and, therefore, not deleted. My apologies!

  3. Hi Sharyl Attkisson,
    Wasn’t sure where best to leave this, but a free speech topic seemed the best.

    Have your heard of Candace Owens? Her story reminds me of yours in that people tried to shut her down for exposing astroturf. This is a fascinating interview, and she is very courageous. Would be great if she could actually create the tool to expose trolls, and also continue to tell her story. A good one for Full Measure, or perhaps your next book!

    all best,

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