The Sanctuary City debate in a predominantly Hispanic U.S. border town

Above: We visited Laredo, Texas for this week’s Full Measure cover story[hr]

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he border town of Laredo, Texas is not a sanctuary city shielding illegal immigrants; nor do city officials want it to be. But they do oppose parts of the new anti-sanctuary city law in Texas. What are they doing about it? We’ll talk to law enforcement and decision makers in our cover story this week on Full Measure.

Above: Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar (right) in Laredo, Texas
Above: Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz

[hr]Also this week, Scott Thuman talks to some diplomats who blow a hole in the theory that President Trump would go easy on Russia. In fact, they say, Trump has been tougher in some ways than his predecessor and–in some respects–his new strategies are working.

A view of Russia’s capital

[hr]And we hear from author Mark Joseph who traces how Christian rock has merged with popular rock in some surprising ways below the radar of most music lovers.

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4 thoughts on “The Sanctuary City debate in a predominantly Hispanic U.S. border town”

  1. Ms. Attkisson,

    I would like to know if you are available to speaking engagements at Universitys in Florida? If so, please let me know what requirements you have for speaking engagements.

    Kind Regards,
    David Zima

  2. So very disappointed in this reporting. When the Mayor was asked why he opposed the Senate Bill, he stated he didn’t like several provisions. The only one mentioned was racial profiling. In a town of 90% hispanic, what racial profiling could there be? He was not asked about the other provisions he opposed. Consequently, this story was incomplete in my mind. Would have been interested in his other reasons. Please don’t go lame with your reporting. You are my go to for information.

  3. Ellery Washington

    Sharyl I adore your fearless reporting. Especially in a time where we need it the most. I just finished looking at your March 4 2018 edition show and you stated next week your going to hold Hollywood accountable for its hypocrisy. More so I am glad someone is finally fighting back. And what I mean is how all of a sudden and out of the blue can they just expect to come out and hold society’s hand to the fire. You know. Its like these types of matters should be best handled by the FBI or the appropriate legal authorities. What they expect us to do. All of the sudden stop everything we’re doing and help them push this public crucifixion of people who we don’t even know are actually guilty of all those crimes they’re being accused of. I mean even the FBI said this is the wrong way to deal with this type of matter because of the severity of it and the damage it could do to the people’s reputation who have been accused if it turns out the accusations are not entirely true or didn’t happen in the matter it being portrayed.

    So to day you have gained a new fan and friend Sharyl.

    And I’ll be watching your next week edition March 11 2018 when you get in Hollywood’s face and get us some better answers.

  4. Sharyl here is a PSA video of many officials in Broward telling those entering promise program slate wiped clean, no record of crime when you enter program [ in their own words ] @SharylAttkisson not REPORTED ANYWHERE in MSM promise program PSA look at children services consul in Broward County and their video youtube


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