Foreign Money, US Influence

[dropcap]It’s[/dropcap] illegal for foreign governments, citizens and corporations to donate to US politicians. But it’s legal for them to hire middlemen–US PR firms, lobbyists and law groups–to write our laws, meet with US government officials, arrange interviews with US media, places op-eds in news publications and generate positive social media. I’ve been combing through federal disclosure records disclosing which countries are paying which US companies to act as their “foreign agents,” particular when it comes to nemeses Russia and Ukraine. That’s this week’s cover story.

Scott Thuman reports from Israel on the status of the US move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem.

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And the Project on Government Oversight clues us in on “the dark side” of some of America’s most beloved corporations. Your tax money is going to some repeat offenders when it comes to companies that have violated civil and criminal laws.

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