MRI Dye Safety

[dropcap]There[/dropcap] has been a major change in thinking when it comes to risks of commonly use MRI dye but I’ll bet you haven’t heard much of anything about it. We were first to report on the heath problems Gena Norris, the wife of Chuck Norris, had after her MRIs. This week on Full Measure, an important safety update about MRI dye that you won’t want to miss.

Chuck and Gena Norris, and two of their children

Those home DNA test kits can be lots of fun but — guess what? The companies are using your genes to build a DNA database that will be worth billions of dollars. If they find you have a gene that’s resistant to cancer, and they sell it to a private pharmaceutical company that makes billions developing a medicine or vaccine from it, you’ll never receive a penny–or even know. Lisa Fletcher investigates.

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And neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to be talking much about the debt but we speak to one economist who says we should be concerned.

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3 thoughts on “MRI Dye Safety”

  1. MRI Dye: I had an MRI this past week. I was asked about allergies, kidney function and liver issues. I knew they were using a dye but was never told what the name of the dye they used. I never had the option of seeing any warnings attached to that dye. I wish I had seen your investigation before I went for my MRI.

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