Foreign influence on our news and politics

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] first started wondering when I spoke to several top intel officials in 2016 who served under President Obama as well as other Democrat and Republican presidents.

At a time when the news was plastered with stories about Russia, these officials saw more serious national security threats. Ahead of Russia, they named North Korea (which was rapidly developing missiles that it could arm with nukes and reach the U.S.), Iran (the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism, which would undoubtedly use some of the billions released under the Obama administration to continue funding anti-Western militant groups) and China (for its confrontational actions in the China Sea, its history of interfering in U.S. elections and its growing economic aggression.)

Read the rest of the article at The Hill:

Watch the results of my 8-month investigation into Russia and Ukraine money in US media and politics:[hr]


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