Should Trump have fired Comey?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] lot of new information has come out in the year since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. No matter whether you admire Trump, Comey, both or neither — it’s now difficult to argue that Trump made the wrong move in removing Comey. Even many of Trump’s detractors would agree that no president should keep in place the head of a crucial division who — along with some of his top staff — apparently worked to undermine or control the president, and exercised poor judgment in important matters.

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Here are 12 ways Comey has proven Trump was right to fire him. (Continued at link to The Hill)


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2 thoughts on “Should Trump have fired Comey?”

  1. J. Edgar Hoover kept files on Washington Insiders;
    As I understand it Mark Felt was ‘deep throat’ informing on Nixon because he didn’t get Hoover’s job; and now
    Mr. Comey seems to be trying something similar.

    I am beginning to wonder when the FBI will try to sell the Presidency to the highest bidder.

  2. The KGB couldn’t have done a better job of overthrowing the will of the people in the Soviet Union than have the DOJ and FBI have done in our own country.

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