The Incredible, Controversial Herpes Vaccine Trials

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]U.S. researcher thought he’d come up with a vaccine to treat and cure herpes. What he did to test it on people violated nearly every rule governing human research in this country. Why did he do it and what were the results? This is an incredible tale with unexpected twists and turns. That’s our cover story on Sunday’s Full Measure.

Herpes vaccine test subject Richard Mancuso shown on a foreign trip where some of the research took place

We’ll also hear from Hillary Clinton ally Lanny Davis who says ex-FBI Director James Comey is single-handedly to blame for Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential race. And he says he has the proof.

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And we used to make most of our own medicine here in the United States. Today? We have a surprising reliance on China for our lifesaving drugs. One expert tell us it’s both a safety risk and a national security risk.

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6 thoughts on “The Incredible, Controversial Herpes Vaccine Trials”

  1. Sharyl, I’m continuously impressed with your solid work, and this is coming from a CPA/attorney. I read a summary of your conclusions regarding the Comey memos, and they are RIGHT ON. Keep it up, we need more true journalists like you!

  2. RE: Controversial Herpes Tests segment re Dr. Halford

    I don’t understand why your very first statement on the TV broadcast had to state that the late Dr. Halford [liked Clinton but didn’t like Trump]?

    What the hell did that (mis) leading statement have anything to do with the actual story of Dr. Halford?

    Otherwise you have a very interesting story to be told that was potentially weakened by such a silly attempt to add politics where it wasn’t needed.

  3. Re: James Comey –

    I love how the Dems are banging on President Trump for having fired James Comey , even nearly a year later. Comey was hated by the Dems, then loved by the Dems and round it goes.

    It now seems that the Dems are really focused on James Comey now 18 months AFTER her lost election, I have this question:

    If James Comey’s statements in October 2016 were that damaging to Hillary Clinton, and had she won the election anyway; What would one of Hillary Clinton’s first moves as president had been? I have a quarter says she would have fired James Comey. Ironically, she would have fired James Comey for exactly the same reason President Trump did fire James Comey.


  4. I was recently given a shot of Heparin, my only exposure to it, and I had a horrible reaction to it. They, the medical staff, tried to assume something caused my reaction but I know it was the Heparin. I refused the 2nd shot and am glad I did. The medical staff should have put into my medical records that Heparin is something I am allergic to. Glad to have watched your show. I don’t want any Chinese made medicine or prescriptions ever.

  5. It sounds like they are moving forward with herpes trials.

    The more we learn about DNA and how viruses can insert their DNA into ours and how sometimes it can be passed down to offspring, this makes me wonder if attacking viruses might lead to autoimmune disorders or worse. HHV6, EBV, etc.

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