Brain injury among our troops– and what civilians can learn

Above image: A soldier from World War II[hr]

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] may be surprised to learn how many of our troops come home with brain damage from conscussive injuries. Medical experts say hundreds of thousands in our military have been injured in recent years from firing large caliber weapons in training or being exposed to IED explosions in the field. This week on Full Measure, we’ll tell you how the armed forces are finally addressing this threat and how the science could benefit civilians, too.

Frank Larkin tells the story of his son, Ryan, a Navy SEAL with Traumatic Brain Injury who took his own life

We’ll also talk about “Right to Try,” a bill that would give terminally ill patients better access to experimental treatments. It’s a hugely popular idea across the country among both Democrats and Republicans. But the move to make it the law of the land is stalled in Congress. We’ll speak to its sponsor, Senator Ron Johnson, about why.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, talks about Right to Try

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6 thoughts on “Brain injury among our troops– and what civilians can learn”

  1. dear sharyl,

    i heard you briefly on the john batchelor show while listening on WMAL the other night. i was only half concentrating when i heard you refer to this issue of brain injuries on the cellular level in our troops. the kicker was this injury is NOT visible on the usual battery of tests available. this really got my attention. my son is a marine. ‘nuf said. would you please send me the link or other information on this? i was not able to tune in to “full measure”, so i would love to get up to speed on what the services are doing about this. thanks for all you do! as ever,
    lulu. a MoM.

  2. I have an author/private investigator by the name of JB Simms with a book titled Friendly Fire At the Veterans Hospital, regarding exposure of the radiation/onconology scandal coverup at the Long Beach VA.
    You were scheduled to speak at SPC Gibbs Music Center, Mon Mar 19, 2018 7pm – 8pm Eastern Time, Gibbs Music Center. I am very sorry you were feeling sick and had to cancel, however, we were advised that you did receive this book, from Nicholas Manias, which speaks to your passion about governmental coverups. My fervent hope is that this book sparks an interest for further discussion. I live in the St. Petersburg FL area and would like to meet with you at your convenience.

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