What did the FBI’s Peter Strzok do?

[dropcap]As[/dropcap] former top FBI official Peter Strzok faces congressional requests to testify, it’s worth examining who he is.
Strzok is the subject of what I see as one of the most damaging conclusions in the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general report: [quote]As the nation’s top FBI counterespionage official, he indicated “a willingness to take official action to impact [Donald Trump’s] electoral prospects.” [/quote]

Read the rest of my article at “The Hill” here:



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5 thoughts on “What did the FBI’s Peter Strzok do?”

  1. Martin S Friedlander

    I read the report. You have colored the results. The only thing he should not have done was communicate with his girlfriend about Trump in two emails. The report indicated that the fbi favored Trump not Clinton. You should amend your article.

  2. Just finished your article about what Peter Strzok did.
    Something just dumbfounded me about two educated, highly placed officials in the FBI (at least one of them the top legal counsel to the Deputy Director of the FBI):

    I just don’t know how that’s possible.

    These are the best and the brightest???

  3. IG Horowitz said that he relied on “prosecutors” who determined that Strzok’s bias did not affect the Hillary email investigation outcome. But how did Horowitz know that the “prosecutors” were clean?; e.g. did he examine their emails as he did Strzok’s?

  4. Can you do a background story on Strzok please? I read somewhere, not sure how legit, that he was raised in Iran? Mainstream media only talk about him from the ’90s on. I, and others I bet, would be interested in learning about his childhood and education, what background formed his ideology.

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