My news testimony about the government’s intrusions into my computers

[dropcap]On[/dropcap] Tuesday, I was asked to testify to Congress about a proposed bipartisan “Shield” law that would protect reporters from going to prison if they refuse to reveal their confidential sources. There are exemptions in the proposed law for instances where national security is at risk or lives are in danger. (Thank you to Congressmen Jordan, Raskin, Meadows, Palmer, Krishnamoorthi and Grothman.)

At the hearing, I was asked about the government intrusion of my computers.

CBS Confirms Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Hacked

The testimony starts :55 minutes into the YouTube link of the hearing below. If you’re interested in the questions about the government computer intrusion, you can scroll to 1:37:30 and 1:57:45.

The Justice Department continues to use taxpayer money to fight my lawsuit against the FBI and others, rather than learning who is responsible for the improper remote intrusions into my computers.

Shield Law Hearing July 24, 2018 [hr]



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14 thoughts on “My news testimony about the government’s intrusions into my computers”

  1. It is hard to watch a democratic Republic devolve into a backroom den of vipers, who are accountable to no one. The refusal to accept personal responsibility, to do the right thing is bad enough, but to use the quantum power of government while hiding what are clearly ethical crimes, if not legal crimes, is the murky soil that will grow absolute power.

    I admire your courage and believe that you of all people know the snakes of all varieties that infest the dark corners of Washington D.C.

  2. We need ( they are provided for as legal and necessary in Constitution) Citizens Grand Juries.!

    This idea that ONLY the government or a prosecutor can convene a grand jury is FALSE .
    IT IS FAKE LAW. Citizen grand juries are legal and necessary. We already live in A communist hijacked system. Citizens rule government. Not the other way.

  3. Once upon a time – decades ago, in fact – a friend of mine and I were talking about the growth of the administrative state. I opined that the national government should be reduced to its constitutional boundaries. He said that would never happen. Why? I asked. “It has no natural predator.”

    The election of Mr. Trump – for all of his manifest challenges – was an attempt by the people to introduce a natural predator into the ecology of the swamp. What Ms. Attkisson describes in her testimony and the ongoing deep state “resistance” and the interminable special persecutor investigation are all symptoms of a Byzantine bureaucracy protecting its sinecure.

    I applaud Ms. Attkisson’s courage and honesty. A true and truthful journalist.

  4. Thank You Ms. Attkisson.

    I think if it weren’t for REAL reporters like you, I would have lost all hope for this country. Both you and Catherine Heritage are the true Patriots and heroes in my book. Everyday you fight for what’s right, and for that many Americans are truly grateful.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… and keep up the good work.

  5. I wish Trump and the congressional leaders would summon the chief justice to the white house and make him sign a search warrant on an out of control law defying DOJ and FBI. Upon signing Federal Marshals should seize , search and curfew those buidings! Nothing gets in until all records, documents and servers are taken as specified in the warrant. Rank and file get to go back to work as they are vetted and cleared. And the leadership? They are arrested, tried, and exposed as the traitors they are!

  6. Keep fighting the good fight, Ms. Attkisson. You are a true patriot in every sense of the word. With the powerful forces arrayed against you it encourages folks like me that you keep pressing forward on principle despite the extreme personal risk. I hope you know how many people support you in your plight at the hands of our own corrupt government, the many other cases of government and corporate excess you expose, and the backdrop to it all — your fight to keep ethical investigative journalism alive. Thank you.

  7. Good afternoon:

    I agree with Kevin and Curtis. I watched your testimony and was never aware at how pervasive the censorship was. Honestly, everyone should hear this testimony.

    I had this idea and I wanted to plant a bug in your ear. I think we (Americans) are starved for good news reporting. I was wondering if you and Greg Hunter could team up every once in a while to do a show together. I think you both are terrific. Experts in your craft. You both could pick a subject, say the corruption in the government. (I know rather large and broad reaching).
    However between the two of you with your skill it would be a cracker jack program.

    Take care!

  8. Fedupinblueoregon

    Keep up the good fight, Ms. Attkisson, you are surely saving the Republic. Will keep you in my prayers.

  9. Hey Sharyl, You know or should know I’m one of your biggest supporters and I’m 100% behind you on this “Government Corruption” Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll probably create some new title, name it after you, and not a SINGLE person will be held accountable for their illegal actions. It’s sad to watch just how corrupt and DISHONEST some in our government truly are. When the U.S. pays millions of dollars to settle lawsuits against the I.R.S. and not a SINGLE person stands before a jury. Well, that should tell ANYONE in the world everything they need to know about our Equal Justice System!

  10. Sharyl, you/we’re fighting the deep state. They all thought Hillary would be elected Pres. Now that Trump won, they are beside themselves in denial and attempts to cover up their crimes. The deep state players are after Trump and everyone else they can smear, defame or slander. Truth doesn’t matter to them; the seriousness of the charge is all that matters.

  11. I had a FOIA case against the FBI in 2010 that I lost on failure to state a claim. Throughout the years as I pursued my appeals my apartment was lit! My computer showed a FBI-Mini Remote in the operating system, and the “permissions” in the operating system were set by default to “deny ownership.” Triple-play features of my cable package allowed invasion of web portals into my TV and phone – so they had it all covered!! It was terrifying.

    My local police cyber unit hung up on me when I called about the hacking, and though I had the police to the apartment and filed reports with them I later found out from their Internal Affairs that my name was not even in their database and the police had NO RECORDS of my complaints. I had men sitting in cars outside my house 24/7. Documents I mailed to the U.S. Supreme Court for filing were re-routed to an abandoned warehouse so I’d miss the deadline for filing (the Court gave me permission to submit copies in lieu of receiving the originals, but still), and my friend and I were surveilled in his car via bluetooth that even the mechanics couldn’t remove. I lived in terror every day because I did not want to believe it was the government – but it was.

    Thank you Sharyl. You’re a champion for going the distance. I applaud your courage. Never give up!! I know how hard it is.

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