Whatever happened to the “unmaskings” investigation?

Above image: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who told Congress he could not recall details of any unmasking requests he made on his way out of office.
[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very day brings new stories about Russian interference in the 2016 election, whether Donald Trump played a role, and alleged abuses by our intelligence agencies.
One of the deepest, darkest, most important issues in the whole mess has to do with the massive number of “unmaskings” of U.S. citizens. It potentially opens a can of worms squirmier than many other issues… (Continue reading my article at the link below in The Hill.)


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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the “unmaskings” investigation?”

  1. Volodymyr Kurylo

    The unmaskings investigation, the Uranium One investigation, the involvement of Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissman and McCabe in the investigation of Russian National Vadim Mikerin (Russian attempts to control U.S. uranium production) are low hanging fruit which the Main Stream Media and establishment Republicans have left on the vine to rot.
    Please read about the Vadim Mikerin plea deal. Mueller’s boys, Rosenstein, McCabe and Weissman left their signatures on numerous DOJ/FBI documents related to this Russian case. Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe and Weissman should be removed from anything involved with Russia/Trump.

    Please contact me about a story I’ve been researching. What does nuclear scientist & Soviet spy Robert Oppenheimer have in common with Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin’s announcement of new missiles and planes in an interview with Megan Kelly. I think I have the answer.

    1. Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe and Weissman should not just be removed from anything involved with Russia/Trump. Thy should be JAILED. Along with Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Clapper, Comey, Orr, and a few others. They have broken laws. They have done something 100x worse than Watergate. The only reason they continue to be free citizens is the total corruption of the “mainstream” media in this country.
      They, and only they, are livin proof that Russian influence in our country is alive and well, all the way into our intelligence agencies. They think like Russians, the act like Russians, and they make Vladimir Putin far happier with their behavior than President Trump ever will.

  2. Hello,

    I have a few questions and comments. Who was head of the FBI on 9/11 ? How is it that we of like minded thought can see Robert Mueller as a completely corrupt induvial for his many sins going back to Whitty Bulger yet we can’t see him for his role in 9/11. We can agree he totally screwed up the Anthrax case. Yet we ignore where he and almost the entire terrorist task force were on 9/11.

    My point is everything the left is doing does not happen without folks from both sides of the isle making it happen. Why is Paul Ryan against stopping the Mueller probe? Why does John McCain go after Trump? These folks to name just a few of what you and others righty call the Deep State are in fact holding hands around a fire and it’s not a camp fire! Bush Sr. is holding Bill Clintons hand and he is holding Bush Jr’s hand who is holding Obama’s hand who is holding McCain’s hand and on and on.

    Are there people who refuse to be involved ? Of course. Yet what can one do when the real threat of prison looms so large (As you pointed out on Hannity Aug/01.) for anyone who tries to come forward and tell America the truth. You can’t do anything about this frame-up of Trump until you recognize who is behind it all.

    Why do you think Bush Sr. voted for Hillary Clinton? Because he loves her policies? Or because he and his son have something very real to be worried about. Bush Jr., Billy Boy, Hillary, Chaney, Rumsfeld, Comey and just about everyone in the upper echelons of the Intel community are scared sick and it has zero to do with unmasking, Russia , emails and everything to do with 9/11!!!!

    I’m writing you because of what you said on Hannity. About people at the FBI who want to come forward about this latest abuse of power. I’m writing you because of all the people I listen to and read you are a hair away from what is really going on and has been going on since 1945. For me it was Iran Contra. Mena Ark. Who was Governor? Bill Clinton… Who was running the CIA around the same time…. Who was VP at the same time? And what were these like minded folks really doing? Cocaine and gun running, Now it’s poppy fields, and Gun Running and stealing everything that’s not bolted down in any country they can steal it from.

    And today their best weapon to keep it all quiet is the Patriot Act, The Espionage Act, The Secrecy Act, redactions, (this subject is covered by National Security issues!!!) and on and on…… What a crock.

    You may call me a Conspiracy nut yet Jet fuel can not repeat CAN NOT melt structural steel!!!
    A Boeing 757 CAN NOT fly @ 580 knots ground speed @ sea-level without exceeding it’s VOM unless it has had major reinforcements and new engines put on her. Free Fall cannot happen in a High Rise built with Structural steel without the aid of explosives!!! You see real science has been ignored or totally rewritten. Yet do your own homework….. But do it!!!

    I will close with this one idea for you ask any high rise engineer or demolition expert any high-rise architect or metallurgist about structural steel and it’s melting point. Talk to physics professors about free fall.

    You may ask yourself (And why after all these years would I waste my time on any of this?)


    Go back and listen to your own interview with Hannity when you talked about going from one senator to the next senator then to a congress member with folks from the FBI and no-one wanted to help them or you. You must have been besides yourself thinking what the F is going on here? You should be worried…. Now do yourself a favor and go back and listen to Mr. Hannity……. Really listen to his reply…. He is blowing you off… Ask yourself why? WHY IS SEAN SO NONCHALONT ABOUT WHAT YOUR TELLING HIM? Then you will start to see that this effort to get rid of Trump is coming from both sides of the political structure as we know it. And it’s not because of Russia gate.

    Why is Sean blowing you off? I could not for the life of me know other than like yourself he and you cannot bring yourselves to see that maybe what your onto to here is far more troubling than one can imagine. And believe me it’s far worse than even I have come to learn. You see power is very addictive as is great wealth for with both comes immense responsibility and true danger to those who finally come to a place they never envisioned for them selves. Like being told that Santa Clause is not real at first you think What ,wait a minute, who brought all those presents? Then you come to understand and over time to except.

    Evil is like water in one way… it always takes the path of least resistance. It finds the weakest link in our armor and there it works it’s way until one is trapped.. A lot of folks don’t realize that water can cut steel several feet thick like a hot knife through butter. Check it out there call water jets. Well in our present circumstances if I tried to ask Mr. Hannity about 9/11 he would be very upset. He would tell me it’s not fair to the families and loved ones who lost those they miss to this second. Yet ask those families what they think of the so called 9/11 commission and NISTA reports. You see Sharyl you may feel the same way and I would understand yet one cannot pretend that Santa’s real when we both know it’s a nice and wonderful thought. I believe in miracles yet like one wrote some years ago…..

    “God can move mountains yet don’t forget to bring your own shovel, for one has to be an active participant in ones own glory” I’m living prof of a miracle yet that is another story… you can figure this out I know you can for you bring your shovel with you every day and I have no doubt you walk with God while you do it. I can help if you want. Look up Frank McCullough
    he is my uncle. A journalist from the old school when one needed more than one source to write a story!! Good Luck…

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