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14 thoughts on “Updated: Justice Dept. Personnel Changes During Probes”

  1. Dear Sharyl, AMAZING reporting. This addition to “Collusion Against Trump Timeline” is priceless. In case our President missed it. I let him know about it. Great Job Sharyl. I have archived both the last two articles and look forward to comparing your findings with our “still corrupt” government findings sometime probably twenty years from now!

  2. Ms. Attkinson.

    I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your efforts on the truth. True journalists are few and far between.

  3. Sharyl,
    You are one of the last true, honest, down-the-middle, journalist working today.
    Walter Cronkite would be proud. I’ve read both of your books.
    They should be required reading for every adult in this country.
    I hope you write a book about this FBI-DOJ scandal.
    I told my wife that every American should drop to their knees and
    thank God every day for Sharyl Attkisson. God bless you.

  4. Ms. Attkisson,

    Given recent developments I suggest you add the text message from Peter Strzok referring to “it’s being run out of the White House…” I believe that text was in August/September 2016. If it’s in your timeline already, I apologize.

  5. Sharyl:
    Once again, you have courageously performed as a TRUE journalist. I devoured your book, “Stonewalled”, and touted it to those that I felt could or would benefit from the knowledge.
    I am so concerned that the “Deep State” is so protected and insulated that we may never bring these crooks to justice. I never cared for McCain, but his role in this really seals it for me. Too bad that he spoiled his reputation as a tortured POW hero, but the stories I knew of him were not always pleasant. It seems to me that all of this effort by the dem’s is borne of FEAR–fear that their way of doing things will finally be unmasked–so sad.
    But, again, keep up the good work !!! We need you. Be careful. God Bless You.

  6. I so appreciate Sharyl and her dogged, thorough investigations into so many issues. She is one of the few truly fact-based investigative reporters left in this world!!! Thank you! Keep up the great work Sharyl.

  7. Sharyl

    Love the Smear, eye-opening and depressing.

    Could you shed some light on how and when Robert Mueller acquired the Strozk emails? I can’t seem to find this online; all I can find is when he was released from the Mueller team.


  8. Ms. Attkisson: Did you notice the Q post 165 (originally written and erased again quickly) indicating that James Comey’s private server was set up for open access to all the Cabal MSM?
    NeonRevolt quote “Looks like Q is telling us the media had access to that private Gmail server Comey used. Thus…Making the media traitorous co-conspirators in a plot to subvert POTUS.
    I’m really wondering as to why Q would post this, then delete, only to point us to an anon’s cap of it… Clearly he wanted to get the message out, still. He wasn’t hiding it…
    So what’s the significance of the deletion? Any ideas?” from link (https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/08/17/under-budget-and-ahead-of-schedule-newq-qanon-greatawakening-humantrafficking-soros/)
    Scan down for the bright yellow copy of Q posting, the third one.

  9. Again…When are you going to get that interview with President Trump? You need to ask him…as this is part of the plan = that some MSM will ask Trump “Who is Q?” and the Q info/definition will be revealed to the public.
    A GAME changer for you and your staff!
    You are probably the only free MSMer that can do this. All others are buried with James Comey.

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