*New* Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats and Costs

With much debate over sanctuary cities and the amount of crime attributable to illegal immigrants, we look at both sides in today’s Full Measure cover story. You can see a replay here

Meantime, I looked through federal records to find the latest known statistics on illegal immigrant crime. Here’s some of the information. The information analyzed was compiled by the Government Accountability Office using statistics from the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a state reimbursement program.

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4 thoughts on “*New* Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats and Costs”

  1. Sharyl, nice work on this research. Many of us out here appreciate your sharing the information about illegal and criminal alien problems that we suspected all along, but that the MSM and government have tried to cover up for decades. I have been critical of the changes to immigration policy and lack of enforcement going back to LBJ, then followed by the Reagan amnesty, then the Bush “new world order” policies, and so on. (Bush used the term “new world order”, I did not make it up. Check his speeches in the runup to the Gulf War.)

    By the way – you have a lot of supporters in the USA, including me! Please keep on doing your important work, because most other voices of truth have been shut out of the media.

    In fact, that might be interesting, a story on the ongoing tightening of censorship of conservative American voices at Twitter and other Silicon Valley companies.

  2. Sharyl Attkisson , Sara Carter and John Solomon are about the ONLY 3 truly GOOD investigative reporters in this entire country…..

    Oh, add the reporters at Project Veritas to that list…… they are doing an excellent job as well.

  3. Those of us that live in Arizona near the border see the problem first hand. They leave our public and private lands trashed. Gates and fences broken down and huge trash dumps where they hold up waiting for rides. Burgleries have risen close to the border. We need border security!

  4. Sheryl I live in san Diego and have to deal with these crimes every day from the illegals crimes that very from these illegal & green card Mexican people not only do they get away from most crimes they commit LIKE DUI ,Robberies ,Auto Theft ,Gangs if they kill some one in DUI They just go back to Mexico if they kill someone in a robbery they just go back to Mexico an so forth they get to kill Americans & get a freedom in Mexico If a American parents comet a crime the kids ether go to family members or a Foster home and this is really sad that the community they called Boulevard off the east 8 free way by Acorn Casino there is a Middle School there with about 250 kids & only about 10 Kids are American the rest are Mexican decent these 10 American kids can’t even go to American School with out being Bullied or Made to Fill out of place is this what DACA is about for American Kids these American kids parents are even out of work because of all the Green card Mexican Adults take the American Jobs I have personally have seen a lot of these issues Have a Good Day

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