The Forgotten Tobacco Wars

Billions of dollars were committed by cigarette makers after they got caught covering up the risks of smoking. But what if you found out not a penny went to the actual victims? This week on Full Measure, we go back in time to an era in which the smoking culture dominated the American landscape. Even doctors told people it was good for them. How victims never got paid and why trials are quietly underway all these decades.

We’ll Follow the Money when it comes to America’s government flood insurance program and some who say it may do more harm than good, encouraging risky decisions. Lisa Fletcher found one property in Texas that had 22 flood claims worth $2.5 million in 1979– eight times what the house is worth. She’ll dig into that for us.

And are some taxpayer supported state colleges favoring out of state students who are lesser qualified– because they can charge much higher tuition? 

Watch Full Measure Sunday. We’ll never waste your time rehashing stories you’ve already heard all week!

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4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Tobacco Wars”

  1. There are three areas that you may want to consider researching: More than three school districts in Central California have taken loans against bond funds and are using the monies for future monies to live high and loose, buying new programs, putting in solar, increasing salaries! They owe trillions of dollars! Fresno Unified, Merced City, Visalia Unified and Clovis Unified are some of these. The second one is AARP – they made a deal during the negotiations for Obama Care in which they were given (by what I read) control the codes for medical services that doctors and hospitals use. I was told they don’t allow any outsiders to tour their facilities. Third, California Teachers’ Association has it’s offices in Burlingame, CA. The salaries and pensions for these CTA representatives are astronomical in comparison to teachers! These need to be scrutinized! Thank you for your consideration!

  2. I was looking at your story about tobacco. It’s amazing to see that people are so conscious about the tobacco industry, the health risks but not the history of tobacco as a healthy “drug” that was prescribed and encouraged by the medical field for decades as a medical miracle and cure-all. Now that tobacco has been demonized, states have chosen marijuana as a replacement but don’t see the paralells with tobacco, eerily similar claims that marijuana is a miracle drug. I guess they don’t see that with tobacco you may get cancer and die in years from smoking. With marijuana, you become impaired and could die tomorrow when you wrap your car around a tree or you could have some unintended accident performing some other task. The long term effects of marijuana smoke have yet to be evaluated and studied like those of cigarettes.. The human body wasn’t designed to smoke anything. The states are clearly more interested in money over the health of citizens.

  3. Thanks so much for airing this story. In my opinion Big Tobacco is the nation’s most insidious, unethical industry. As a public relations professional I tried for years to have the professional association (Public Relations Society of America) bring ethical charges against Big Tobacco public relations executives who helped perpetuate lies about tobacco products. Nothing happened. I quit the organization. The fact the industry and others are now engaged in a campaign to create a generation of “vapers” is abhorrent at best and criminal at worse.

  4. Sadly, all the media focus is on the evils of tobacco when the FDA conducted an in depth study of smoking marijuana in the 1970s and found it has 10 times the carcinogens that tobacco smoke has. The government is spending millions extolling the evils of tobacco while simultaneously spending millions promoting the legalization of marijuana. Of course the media blindly parrots this party line, yet misses the point. All governments will be liable once the cancer cases begin escalating and it will be dejavu all over again.

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