“The Truth Is Out There”

We’re going to dig into the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence this pre-Halloween Sunday on Full Measure. We’ll talk to a lead scientist on the California-based project, Seth Shostek. Now, Congress is proposing injecting federal tax dollars into the hunt for aliens!

As we approach the midterm elections, we’ll check back in with the anti-Trump resistance to see what they’re doing to maintain a constant pressure, and how confident they are of making big gains.

In the wake of the apparent murder of a Saudi journalist allegedly at the hands of Saudi agents, we’ll step back and examine all the lobbying money the Saudis spend here in the U.S. to hire “foreign agents” to influence public opinion. We’ll speak to an expert on it: Lydia Dennett of the Project on Government Oversight.

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3 thoughts on ““The Truth Is Out There””

  1. I was conversing with a lady who suffered for 1.5 years with Morgellons symptoms. She recently committed suicide and I am so angry that in a country where we are touting no tolerance (can’t even wear a Halloween mask at a school function) that powerful people and the media are a major contributor to intolerance. Wikipedia, doctors, etc have put these people who are suffering in a hopeless situation. They are sick and legitimately angry. For Gods sake there is a Supreme Court judge who was so angry because he interprettted his life as being ruined. For fuckin real that is nothing in comparison to what these people are going through. It’s a crime beyond belief!!! I have more education and professional work experience than most journalist out there. I was vaccinated and somehow immediately after got every symptom of Morgellons (also similar to gulf war -go figure). At any rate, sucking down handfuls of antibiotics daily helps. And yes I went to every type of doctor including MH who by the way believe there is “something medically wrong”. I have severe anxiety after suffering for 9 plus years. My life is ruined but it infuriates me to know that others are being driven to suicide because they are forced to live this way in this day and age.

  2. It’s good to see Attkisson’s legitimate investigative reporting applied to this subject that is both controversial and dismissed with a laugh. It seems illogical to believe earth is the only planet in the vast cosmos to host life or even intelligent life, but the question is whether or not intelligent life has ever visited earth. From a human perspective it would seem to be a needle in a haystack proposition even for intelligent life with interstellar travel capabilities and the motivation to seek out other life forms as opposed to things like searching for resources and setting up colonies. But who knows what other technologies life forms with interstellar travel capabilities might possess that would allow them to detect us from eons away? Hmmm, that whole space-time thing is starting to make my head hurt…

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