New cholesterol guidelines and questions about drug company influence

New cholesterol and heart disease guidelines are about to come out for the first time in several years. Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll investigate the controversy over past national guidelines which, we learned after the fact, were written by a lot of doctors compensated by the makers of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. As it happens, the guidelines basically say millions more Americans should take statins. Some researchers argue there’s a serious conflict of interest there– and in the writing of other national health guidelines. We’ll dig into the Statin Wars.

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7 thoughts on “New cholesterol guidelines and questions about drug company influence”

  1. I can’t wait to see this report on Cholesterol. There are independent studies that corroborate this. The book I think of off the top of my head is Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore.

    I sure appreciate your work.

  2. The nutritional guidelines our government has foisted upon us for decades is beginning to be revealed as seriously flawed to the point of perhaps being the actual culprit behind many if not most of our national health problems, from obesity to heart disease to cancer to diabetes and beyond. And as suggested by this article, when one peels away the layers of the onion there are powerful financial interests behind it all going far beyond the pharmaceutical interests depicted here.

  3. Thank you for exposing this. My cardiologist laughed at reluctance to take statins. He says the research is irrefutable. I tell him that he isn’t aware of the bias of the researchers. He tells me to loose 10 pounds.

  4. Ma’am,

    I just saw your piece on Statins. I have another story for you that well mirrors the Statin story, it is about Electric. The money involved is less than drugs, but it is quite large in industry and governmental costs.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

  5. The guideline numbers keep getting lower and lower, yet all this use of statins hasn’t resulted in less heart disease. These new numbers are designed to force more patients (victims) to join the statin bandwagon, as well as make current users augment traditional statins with the new (higher priced) ones. Criminal.

    I’ve been fighting my doctor every year about this, and based on the new guidelines, dread the next appointment. I don’t think doctors are knowledgeable about any of this — they just look at numbers. No reading any books such as the well-documented Good Calories, Bad Calories one, for example.

    As a woman, there’s even less reason/justification for using statins.

    Interestingly, on November 12th of this year, there was a finding that high LDL is inversely related to dementia; link here:

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