The Computer Intrusions: The Incredible, Elusive “Verizon Man”

The following is the fourth in a series of excerpts from my New York Times bestseller “Stonewalled,” which recounts the government intrusions of my computers. More excerpts to follow.[hr]

“Be sure and call me anytime if you need anything or have any questions,” says the man who hands me the Verizon business card with his name and phone number handwritten on it.

I begin by asking him if he has a record of the work that Verizon has done at our house in the past year. That might help tell us whether a previous technician left the cable. He says he has no access to such records and that the main office wouldn’t have any, either. He’ll just need to take a look at the box himself. As I lead him to the back of the house, I text Jeff to come over.

The technician takes one look at the cable and says it doesn’t belong.[hr]

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“Yeah, that shouldn’t be there.”
“Why’s it here, then?” I ask.
“Well, we deal with a lot of third-party contractors. It probably got left here when some work was done and a contractor was supposed to pick it up but didn’t. Something like that,” he says. “I’ll just remove it.”

He goes out to his truck to get some tools and Jeff arrives. We watch together as he removes the cable, coils it up, and prepares to take it with him.

“Just leave that here,” I say.
“I just want to keep it,” I tell him. I figure when I drop off my computer for analysis in a few days, I’ll send along the mystery cable, too. The Verizon technician seems hesitant but puts down the cable on top of the air-conditioning fan next to us. We continue to chat and I make a mental note: Don’t leave the cable there. If you do, it might disappear. The Verizon man really seems to want to take it. Am I imagining that?[hr]

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Jeff and I walk the technician back to his truck. Jeff has a few more questions for him but it’s chilly outside and I leave the two of them to finish their conversation.

A couple of days later, I’m driving to work when I remember the cable. I call my husband at home.

“Go get that cable off the air-conditioning fan,” I tell him.
I listen as he walks outside with the phone to look. “It’s gone.” “Gone? Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it’s nowhere around here,” he says. Also gone are several

other pieces of wire that Jeff had pulled up from the ground in front of the Verizon man.

“Well what happened to it?”

“The Verizon guy must’ve come back and taken it,” my husband speculates.

Later, at the office, I decide to call the Verizon technician and ask him myself. I want to know if he took the cable after I’d said to leave it, and why. More important, I hope he still has it so that I can have it examined. I have that handwritten business card he gave me. I call the phone number on it, it rolls me to his voice mail, and I leave a message. But he doesn’t call back. That day or any other. I call almost every day, sometimes twice a day, for the next month. But the once- helpful Verizon man never responds.

At least I still have my photographs.

And an expert source who’s willing to peer inside my laptop and see what secrets it might reveal about covert attempts to monitor my work.[hr]

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To be continued…[hr]

Support the Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund to fight the government computer intrusions[hr]


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4 thoughts on “The Computer Intrusions: The Incredible, Elusive “Verizon Man””

  1. Sharyl, I see your case is still dragging along. It’s funny how our “Equal Justice” System works. Private Citizens are not afforded “Equal Justice”, only Left-leaning government employees enjoy OUR Rights under the law. I completely support your quest for Justice, I only fear your journey will be infinite and like so many others who have been wronged unless Obama and his minions are somehow brought to Justice. You, along with all the others will only be a footnote on an illegal, manually printed pamphlet distributed sometime in our countries future, after all our Rights have been erased by those who today sit in power, waiting for the day they completely take over.

  2. Dear Sharyl ,
    I’m a Genealogist, Tea Party Member, Small Business Owner, Christian, NRA Member, Truth Seeker, History Buff, self taught anti-hacker, Grandmother and defender of the Constitution!
    I have gone through very similar problems for the past 10 years or more! My family thought I was crazy, when I told them my new IPhone was hacked! We have had over 10 printers hacked,
    Six laptops, phones, cable boxes, smart tv, smart meter, intercom system, alarm system and GPS in my car!
    I was researching obummers donors, when it started! Verizon was a big donor! That computer was ruined! Then I went to library to research hacking techniques! Then the hacking and harassing started and never stopped! All wireless devices have a back door! Citizens are their enemy! Period! I wrote to Congress, Mr Issa, it got worse! I was home one day, they thought I had left with my husband. When a van pulled up with two white males, the put on baseball hats and started walking toward the house. I ran to check the door in the basement! One went right the other went left around the sides of my house! They did not come to the door! I think they heard me in the house, and they left! The van had lettering on it: T and T techs! They had an address in Westminister! These people are traitors! How can I help you?

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