Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats: What are the Facts?

Welcome to my first, experimental audio production! What’s the true rate of illegal immigrant crime?

I hope this contains some information you didn’t know before you listened. Please leave your feedback and ideas in the comment section.

181 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats: What are the Facts?”

  1. I wish there was another thousand reports out there like Sharyl and that the media would report the truth.

    Would like to hear some updte on vaccines and their effects.

    1. I wish she could have a whole organization behind her doing exactly what she is doing, but on an even larger scale. She is gutsy, courageous, and fact-based. America needs her type more than ever!

      1. I agree Fred! That is a great idea-To expand the accurate and unbiased reporting would be wonderful.

      1. Thank you! We admire your work and make it a point to follow you when ever possible. Usually Sunday morning. Keep up the hard work because truth is power!

  2. Hello Sharyl,

    Thank you for your efforts to bring truth to light when most news sources are biased, either by choice or biased by their omission of all the facts.
    Hope you continue to do the podcasts. You report the facts in a concise and clear manner….and you have a very pleasant voice.

    I will be sending a link to this to all of my friends who I’m sure will find it a breath of fresh air.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

  3. That was excellent. My liberal family always cites the “illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes on average” bit anytime there is a discussion on it.

    Please keep up the great work on this!

    1. I hope more people in the media follow your lead. We need more information and less propaganda to discern the current events affecting our lives.

      Regarding US immigration policy: why have Democrats reversed position with open borders and sanctuary cities? Only a few years ago, politicians like Senator Schumer, former Presidents Obama and Clinton were touting illegal immigration policies similar to President Trump. What changed? Seems like a fascinating investigative journey here…

      Thanks for all your great work and Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Sharyl, nice. I kept thinking with all those stats, how many were NOT reported, and will never be known.
    As for future Podcasts, MSM Honesty in reporting? When the MSM stops reporting facts and starts advocating for “A” Political Party…
    Good luck.

  5. Yay! Been waiting for you to start podcasting! Tired of searching Apple Podcasts in vain for “Sharyl Attkisson,” “Full Measure,” and any other term I can think of that might yield results! Please, please make this an ongoing thing – and make it available on all the usual podcast distribution channels!

  6. Sheryl – Great job, as always. Keep it up! I love your work exposing media falsehoods. I hope you continue to post podcasts. I’ll definitely be listening.

  7. It is common sense that every country South of our border would let their criminals out of jail and send them to the US, just as Castro did.

    Illegal Alien Pedophiles: 4,317 Charges Filed Against Illegals in ONE YEAR… in ONE STATE (and it’s only our 10th largest) Last data on pedophiles was over 10,000 have entered US.

    Nationwide data showing % of illegals that are criminals

    Shocking data for FL. Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens…while illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population! (This is because all states North of FL instituted mandatory eVerify, and all illegals in those states flooded into FL, which does NOT have mandatory eVerify.)

    Florida is a de facto sanctuary state, and all FOIA requests to get data on how many illegals were arrested, detained, or turned over to ICE are ignored.

    Homeland Security has lots of reports on illegals and the data has been consistent for a decade. A significant portion ~40% have already been convicted of a crime. But even killing Americans in DUI accidents is not a guarantee an illegal will be deported.

    In addition, there is are the illegals voting. In US we have 3.5 million more voters than citizens.

    1. Fantastic job Sharyl. Great comment Roger.
      One of TV news orgs. in Atlanta, GA did an TV special report actual count of illegals in GA and prior convictions by conviction. It was either ABC or Fox affiliate and I pretty sure it was FOX affiliate. It was a good count by prior crime committed. I recall there were about 9 illegal immigrants who had been convicted of murder and about 20-30 who had been convicted of rape. Maybe that report would help.

  8. Ms. Attkisson,
    I think your audio podcast was good attempt at answering the question that crime is actually somewhat higher rate than among the “legal” population. Another series of facts that show that illegal immigration is actually not a victimless crime. The only other article I saw about the illegal immigration crime rate was a Christian Science Monitor story about the number of illegals in federal custody for actual crimes, 23% of total federal inmates are illegals. I wish your podcast was longer and expanded into details of why both political parties don’t want to solve this issue. Keep up the good work .. I wish I could see your Sunday broadcast but I’m in the black out zone .. live to close to NYC.

    1. There is really nothing scientific about why both political parties refuse to fix illegal immigration. The leftists (a.k.a. the democrats) need illegals for their future voter base. The RINOs (republicans in name only) need illegals for cheap labor for their corporate customers. Who gets stiffed for the bill for all of this, yes, you guessed it – We The People.

  9. Dear Sharyl:

    Thank you for your report on illegal immigration criminal situation. I was informative and “eye-opening”. I appreciated your first attemt at Podcast and would like you to continue.
    One topic that came to my mind that I would like to hear more about is: It has been reported that Hillary and Democrats did commit federal crimes, such as Hillary’s use of personal e-mail for government work and illegal deletion and manipulation of data. But why are they not being prosecuted? Why are they not tried and put in prison or taken other punitive actions?

  10. Thanks Sharyl. I was mostly aware of the #’s from your report on illegal immigrant crimes since I follow you on twitter.
    But the finer details – sources and such – were good to hear as well.
    I believe you’re doing a great service by reporting unbiased news and information about many subjects. Both my wife and I have been thoroughly frustrated by news that isn’t news but opinions or misrepresentation of facts from so many.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  11. Always enjoy seeing and now hearing your reporting. Your investigative reporting style comes across as professional and unbiased. The illegal alien crimes stats are loser to Trumps tweets than the garbage put out by the leftist sympathizers. Thank you for your podcast. I would subscribe to an Attkisson podcast.

    Best wishes for a successful new year.

  12. Thanks very much, Sharyl. I want way more of this digging down for the facts (as best one can) from a consistently reliable source. If you have time, please email me some more of what you would consider reliable sources so I can make it a daily read/listen.

  13. This is a crisis, it is destroying our society. Can you put some light on why the federal govt refuses to stop this and the connection between church, state, corporations, and the mass migration to USA from central america.

    DHS also provides statistics on the hundreds of thousands criminal aliens deported each year, about the same proportions in your podcast.

  14. I enjoy this format and your straight forward delivery. I hope you will continue with your investigative reporting and I look forward to reading and listening to you in the future.

  15. Sharyl, Thanks for posting your podcast. Great story. Please note that the Prison Industrial Complex, government and private, have a vested interest in keeping the prison population high. With states legalizing marijuana, that source of inmate is being reduced. Following the money and the lobbying of the Prison Industrial Complex could be a clue why the federal and state prison agencies and crony prison capitalists through elected officials want illegals to continue; to keep the prisons full! Just an idea and maybe a story. Hey I am a trader and have watched some of the private prison stocks slide down since August. If Trump gets his wall, my short positions on some of these will be more profitable. We shall see. Oh, if your podcast is successful consider itunes feed and there are others too.

  16. Thanks so much for trying to set the record straight. I can not understand
    who or why anyone would want to support this assault on our border.

  17. You have long been on my list as THE go-to reporter for honest forthright news and your podcast is an excellent extension to all your other reportage. I’m interested in anything you feel like communicating about as I ALWAYS learn something from you. In fact, you are one of the very few people in the business I would be willing to pay for content. Keep it coming!

  18. Interesting report on the facts. There are known items out there, and I am grateful for your work in digging them out. You are a true journalist. I appreciate your work!

  19. Hi, Sharyl. I followed this link from Gab. Thanks for the info. I’d be interested in statistics for gun deaths vs illegal alien-caused deaths in the US. It’d be problematic, because of the obvious over-lap, but instructive.

    I’ve just finished reading your piece about vaccinations, and hope that you continue on that quest. The MRI topic also sounds interesting.

    The podcast format was a nice change, and particularly appreciated because you kept it to a reasonable length.

  20. Sharyl,
    The podcast format is excellent. Keeping the length of 8-12 minutes is perfect. Suggest you look at other podcasts such as Dan Bongino for where to link your content. ITunes, SoundCloud, etc.
    You could use your Full Measure audio from YouTube as podcasts too.
    However you set up your podcasts, pretend you are in front of a camera. Your sample podcast was a bit … dry, while your FMN shows exhibit your excitement in telling your story. Keep the pcae brisk and lively like that on your podcasts too.

  21. I always look forward to hearing anything you report on because you always seem to just give the best obtainable facts and only the facts about what you report on. I hope you will continue for a long time.
    I really liked this audio clip because I have often wondered about the cost of all the illegals and what it doing to the country. Now thanks to you I have some additional knowledge to go forward with. Thank you

  22. Excellent reporting. I had no idea about these types of statistics. As a *hard* supporter of open borders, it still makes sense for me to understand what the numbers seem to say, and what it might mean. Seems clear that, for whatever reason, illegal immigrants get incarcerated more, and, based upon history, have longer “rap-sheets” than others. Maybe criminals seek escape from justice wherever they live and attempt that escape by coming to America? Either way, good stuff from you, Sharyl!

    1. The borders are open – at designated points of entry. One may travel to other countries (to follow their rules) as they please (by way of legally doing so -passport, visa, plane ticket, bus ticket, private vehicle.) So, may I hear what exactly you mean when you say, “open borders”? Do you mean not being tracked?

  23. Even as a supporter of open borders, I really appreciate this reporting. Facts are good. Part of me wonders how the Prison Industrial Complex benefits. Another part of me see the rational choice of law-breakers seeking to escape justice in their home locales coming to America. Either way, knowing the facts is a very good thing. Thanks for digging into to provide some of them!

  24. Huh. Info I didn’t have. All I’ve heard before is generalizations from both sides. Stats rule.. nice job of teasing them out. Like the format, like the length. Good work!

  25. I would love to see a transcript of this podcast. It would make for lively discussion at my discussion group.

  26. Good work. Exactly the kind of work that should be done by any good reporter. And isn’t.

    I’d be interested in how often (and whether, of course) the news media and/or law enforcement neglect to report (or look into) the link between a perpetrator and Islam/jihad. For instance, it appears obvious that the name of the suspect is often not reported if it’s a Muslim sounding name.

  27. Thank you for sticking to the facts! You have always been one of the few honest reporters out there doing real investigative journalism. I would love to see these numbers in a concise report. Do you have it available for public consumption? Keep up the great work, Sharyl!

  28. Great podcast on the effect illegal immigration has .on the criminal justice system. Thank you for taking on the tough issues!

    Dave Landon
    Centerville, Ohio

  29. When I was in high school I studied the Russian language. Back in the 60’s the official Russian news agency was called Pravda which translated means Truth. Nothing could have been further from the truth. It was the official line of the Communist Party and the only one that was allowed. Todays media reminds me quite a lot of the Pravda style of journalism. Instead of being independent they are constantly touting the party line.

    I applaud you for trying to adher to journalistic standards that were more common years ago…to try and honestly find the truth and follow it wherever that takes you.

    Please keep up the good work and don’t the the party line repeaters of the fourth estate beat you down!

  30. Sharyl,

    nice effort for a “maiden voyage.” I’ll echo the compliments you get from others here on your reporting, but suspect you’re looking for feedback on the podcast itself rather than the particular topic.

    1. I think your delivery could be a little more conversational. I’ve enjoyed your “behind the wheel” commentary on your own court case and think that’s closer to the delivery style I expect in the podcast format.

    2. A really brief musical intro (5-10 seconds max) that fades into your greeting and subject statement would set a nice professional tone.

    3. I don’t associate your voice with betraying much emotion, because you’re too well trained a journalist for that. But I think your cadence could use a bit of aural boldface and italics in spots. All we have here is your voice.

    4. At the end, beginning around the 8-minute mark, you anticipate and answer some questions. Might work better to have another person ask those questions, as a narrative break and to give you a chance to sound responsive rather than declarative, if that makes any sense.

    Hope this is what you were looking for.

    1. Interesting. I actually *like* the austere nature of this podcast. Too many of the podcasts I have heard have music, lists of sponsors, etc. I would much rather you just, “get in and get out,” and be done with it.

      …and 10 minutes is a great length.

      I do “get” the poster’s comments, despite my small disagreement.

      1. I agree with you. “Keep it simple, stupid.” – I disagree with the suggestion of the commenter above in regard to music etc. Straight to the point, short and sweet. I think by now, everyone is fed up, hearing sponsors, being dragged-on until “after the break” etc.

    2. Yes thank you! I suspect I will evolve to a more professional production down the road if I continue these. THat’s great feedback.

      1. Agree and support your “austere” style and 10 minute length.
        Earlier in the day I was listening to a 17 minute podcast on genealogy and the meat of the material didn’t start until after a 5 minute intro which included music, book sale info and snarky comments. Needless to say, I bailed and didn’t listen to the whole thing.
        I would love to see an accompanying article or chart with this data.
        Keep up the great reporting!

  31. Just finished listening. Thanks for the data; it does go against everything I’ve heard. I’m not sure why we’re a country that no longer values data and facts. I’d love to hear more about why neither party is interested in solving this problem.

  32. Yes, I’m more likely to listen to your podcast. It would be nice if you could go more in depth than your TV program allows! Thanks Sharyl!

  33. There are two oft repeated garbage statements that I can’t stand, “The Majority are good people” and “Illegals commit less crimes” neither can be proven. Thanks for shedding some light on the facts!

    The “majority are good people” statement often makes me laugh becuase people are trying to do statistical math on an unmeasured population. Too funny.

    I always say, “when you have screened them all you can tell me how many are good people until then shove it!”

    Good work as always Sharyl!

  34. Your podcast is long overdue. Podcasts and long-form interview are a rapidly expanding medium and would be well suited to more in-depth reporting. When Joe Rogan spend 2 plus hours in his informal “experience” with Elon Musk, he had over 15 million views in three days. Many people are creating YouTube podcasts and webcasts, and cumulatively get billions of views yearly. Please consider this.
    I always find myself wanting more depth when I watch your segments. I encourage you to look into this form of communication – one that MANY young people would be very receptive to watch. Don’t get stuck in the assumptions about the standard way of bringing information to us. How you would set it up and the content presentation would be something you have to be comfortable with but it would provide great benefit to a population starving for real reporting.

  35. Sharyl, Great first podcast! You knocked it out of the park and it is most welcome in addition to your written work and video. You are such a natural in speaking and it feels like you are sitting across the dining room table discussing an important topic. Keep creating more audio podcasts. We love your work, books, show, articles, etc and hold you on the utmost esteem.

  36. Read smear very good reporting my deer:) SO I want to do this locally in my town lots of bad behaviour here Honey Grove Texas. Do you have any advise? How does one attain ones connections and is there a big research library in the sky? John Kelly was my General.

  37. Appreciate the effort Sharyl. This topic, dealing with lots of numbers, really requires visuals along with the audio. But the message is loud and clear.

  38. Thank you for this report, and good luck in your litigation. Journalism schools should use your reporting as an example for students to follow.

  39. Thank you for looking into the criminal element. I noticed this, or would like get what reporting of statistics for ‘Human Trafficing’. This appears to be highly suspect where so many younger people are being brought in without any verifiable familial relationships. I bring this up because these are the people who show up in prostitution and pimp operations in california cities. And this is somehow coming through the illegal border crossings without being actively investigated yet these are human beings who get initiated like the initiations into drug sales for cartel operations in US cities. It’s showing up to people in the school districts and communities effected and it’s denigrating to the culture

  40. Really enjoyed this podcast, it was just the right length, my mind would have started to wander had it been longer. Excellent choice of topic for your first podcast as well, given the amount of misinformation circulating in the media.
    For future topics I would like you to investigate the extremely high number of “natural healing” doctors’ deaths. It seems that practicing non-conventional medicine has become very high risk with many premature deaths in the ranks of naturopaths.

  41. Thank you Sharyl for reporting on illegals and crime. Living in a border state, we read far too many bad things that continue to happen. Keep up the good work.

  42. As a minister, I cannot view “Full Measure: on Sunday mornings, but my wife records them and we hardly ever miss. We are grateful for your (Sharyl’s) integrity in reporting. You have built more trust with us than any other reporter. And your work on crime stats related to the illegal population makes you so valuable to us and our country.

  43. Good job Sharyl. You packed more information in that 10 minutes than most hosts do in 3 hours.

    Remember: Statistics don’t lie. Statisticians do.

  44. loved the podcast. Keep up the good work, We watch your show on TV and love it. You bring to light stories that we don;t hear anywhere else,

  45. Just heard a story by Reuters on the illegal alien involved in the California police shooting. Bogus claim you address head on (“recent report shows more crime committed by U.S. citizens than immigrants”) was cited to blunt the honest assessment by the devastated Police chief whose officer had been needlessly slaughtered… thank you for the facts you’ve uncovered and made available to people like me who are trying to parse the truth…

  46. Thank you for the reporting. I have often made a similar point, using only current Federal Corrections inmate data, which lacks background on specific offenses, past history, etc. As you discovered, there is no way (and probably never will be) to determine such numbers on a local or state basis, because political opposition would never allow it. Likewise, if immigrant advocates seek to lessen the grotesque ratio of imprisoned compared to total (estimated illegal) population by alleging a more populous illegal basis, they risk counterproductive backlash to this increase in numbers (which one might suspect really are higher than 11 million). Anyway, good job. And just one other thought: immigrants who enter illegally but who are granted legal status almost immediately based on country of origin (Haiti and Cuba spring to mind) would not be counted as illegal immigrants by US BOP, but which might reasonably be included as perhaps a footnote when trying to establish a cost, both fiscal and societal, for a dysfunctional immigration system.

  47. Listened to be podcast and thought it was terrific. This is the kind of reporting that the msm lacks.
    Living in SoCal, I hear more stories about what illegals do than people in states that aren’t on the border.
    A story about the positives and negatives regarding border fences or walls would be helpful right now.
    Thanks for all you do.

  48. Sharyl, I love the podcast idea. I’m a fan of your reporting style (go where the story takes you, ruffled feathers be damned :) ).

    I loved both your books! I would love to catch Full Measure, but it isn’t available in my area, so your podcast would be a win for me.

    Keep up the great work!

  49. Excellent podcast on illegal alien crime. Refreshing to get some hard data on the subject.
    Look forward to more podcasts like this.

  50. Hi..great reporting as usual. I have read both of your books and I loved them. The Smear really opened my eyes about the election and how they are so crooked!! Even in our local election I found the “smear campaign” to be in effect, I can’t even imagine what really goes on. As for your next podcast, I would like information on what is happening, in your opinion, about Hillary and Obama. Now there is a crooked pair if I ever saw one. Thank you for your time and podcast… keep it up Sharyl.

  51. Thank you for this. It is hard to find out what is really going on. The chaos and lack of information protects the incompetent as well as the unscrupulous. It is what keeps citizens from understanding that those “in charge” may not have the best intentions in spite of their rhetoric.

  52. I enjoyed the podcast very much. Simple, straightforward and fact based.
    It is becoming more and more difficult to get unvarnished truth without spin. Thanks for your work. Please keep up the podcast.

  53. Great information. Thank you as always for your tireless research and reporting of the facts.
    The truth matters.

  54. Thank you for your work. This is a good length and format for a podcast—about ten minutes, focused on a specific topic.

    Two recommendations:

    1) If you discuss a document, try to provide a link to that document in the podcast description if at all possible.

    2) Use a DeEsser to soften the “s” and “sh” sounds as picked up by the mic.

    Good job. I’m looking forward to more. And thanks for linking this on Gab. That’s how I heard about it.

  55. I like this news podcast format. I probably wouldn’t have read the same information if written. Thanks.

    Other topics: The climate change industry and its reliance on and whitewashing of junk science (and scientists), the tremendous decline in the number of insects in the world, the reasons why Americans have become fat and its effect on our society, alternatives to opioid pain medications, the failure of taxpayer funded “basic income” programs, the deplorable ignorance of the average voter and why democracy requires an educated citizenry, are pedophile Catholic priests really homosexual or are they compelled by asserting dominance, what lifestyle do defrocked pedophile priests live, the now-legal hemp industry.

    Good luck. Love your work.

  56. Read both your books, VERY eye opening. Keep reporting. Somehow, get your words to many more. I mention your books on Facebook regularly as a primer on the deep corruption in our government. Congress AND the bureaucracy has a death grip on our country. I for one cannot see a path to cleaning things up. Please, keep speaking up for truth.

  57. Thank you for digging up the truth regarding illegal immigrant crime statistics & the ongoing costs, which is probably much higher than what you mentioned. The savings our federal, state & local governments would realize ALONE by sending these convicted illegals back to their own countries to serve their sentences is worth fighting for. Reducing aid to those countries to offset housing illegal criminals is a good start. Thanks Sharyl & keep up the great reporting. It’s really appreciated young lady.

  58. Well done Sharyl. We still need a comprehensive cost – benefit analysis of illegal immigration presenting both sides so we can have informed debate. Evaluating the costs the costs is one side of the equation.

  59. Excellent report on another one of those subjects that need to be discussed. We can start to overcome the intensity of the debate with facts and maybe we can cool the building division and conflict amongst ourselves. Meeting that need is as important as the actual information in the report. Thank you.

  60. I consider you to be one of the few surviving truly “investigative” reporters. I always will read your stories and will try to adapt to looking for a podcast. (At 84, I’m not really part of this generation–or the last one either, for that matter!) I think the fact that statistics aren’t kept with a category for crimes committed by illegal aliens is a deliberate attempt to keep that information from the public. Good for you for finding a way to address the issue!

  61. Thank you for this information. Its so nice to get facts. News so many times is not news it is more like entertainment. I listen to what you have to say….thank you!

  62. I listen to podcasts often and would certainly add your name to my favorites list. Please continue to keep the American people informed!

  63. Great episode and I look forward to more. When presenting facts, would be great to see your sources in the show notes page.
    And last I can’t wait to see your show on iTunes so I can subscribe

  64. Enjoyed listening. Love the objective, factually based information. One topic that I would love to hear more about—and love to see corrected—is the embarrassing state of our public education system.

  65. Top notch reporting. Thank you.

    Sheryl, we desperately need an “open” timeline of the Trump “collusion” with Russia gambit. It has become so complex that it is frustrating to refresh ones memory when a new detail is added, such as the “coincidence” of the same government players who covered up the Syria arms deal, Benghazi and now are blocking release of details of the Trump investigation. I understand that coincidence is not causation, but too much coincidence is always a kick-starter for skepticism. St. Lactantius advised: The first part of wisdom is to determine what is false; the second is to search for the truth.

    Your reporting on migrant imprisonment ties in with “The Wall” and Willie Sutton’s “Sutton Law” about why he robbed banks and why desperadoes from Latin America come to the US: “That’s where the money is.” I would add that our prisons are many factors “nicer” than what hoodlums can expect in their home countries.

    Finally, in terms of your podcast: Excellent. I would like to be able to access the written script.

    You are one in a million. Journalism has morphed into voices of tainted babble and that is now its fatal flaw. Emotionalism hates reasoned reporting like a dog hates fleas.

  66. Great podcast Shark. I wish other so-called journalist would report real facts versus half truths.
    In the future, I would like to hear about the truth about term limits for the house and senate and the implications. I have believed that the best way to reduce the influence of money in politics and to implement term limits. In this regard, it would also be interesting to know how much the net worth of a 20 year senator or representative increases during his/her tenure.
    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more soon.

  67. This sort of reporting is so needed and so helpful. It is not the opinion blather that we hear all day long but actual facts distilled from a research report. Please, please, please continue doing this! It is very well received.

  68. I came across this by accident, and I’m so glad I did. This is exactly the kind of reporting that I wish I saw in the regular media – dispassionate and clear, identifying what’s known and what’s not (the facts), what is extrapolation and conjecture (logical conclusions identified as such), and listing sources with detail. Regardless of where an individual stands on an issue, good analytic reporting like this would help us all come to improved personal conclusions and opinions. I would like to suggest that transcripts of your future podcasts be available also. Thank you so much, Cassie Coleman

  69. Excellent report Ms. Attkisson – succinct, focused and informative. You are a journalist I trust, something which has become a rarity. I will be sharing.

  70. Good information. However, a written article would transmit the information more effectively for readers. Information transfer is slower in a pod cast. Also can’t quickly focus on key information and repeat.

  71. Provide a transcript of the pod cast. Reading is a more efficient communications media. Pod Cast is good for people stuck in traffic.

  72. Sharyl: I have been following you for a number of years because there are very few HONEST reporters left in America! Honest in the sense that you report what you find out, regardless of the way it leans. Currently, the LEFT is pushing as hard as they can “to the left” with either fabricated news or adulterated news. The RIGHT is laboring to catch up with the LEFT.

    This first audio was right up my alley because I have a Christian prison visitation ministry to California State prison. I enjoy working with the illegal felon lifers because THEY KNOW where “the bottom” is. They have hit it! Some have determined the path they have chosen was SO WRONG, they will do whatever it takes to change. I am currently working with one for 5 years on a 15-life, convicted of second degree murder in California from Mexico, but now is a licensed Pastor teaching, preaching, counseling, encouraging change, as an inmate still with 25 years in. His story is amazing how that change in his life came about. SOME CAN CHANGE!! Unfortunately, most do not opt to change, thus society CONDEMNS ALL! I work with those that desire and thirst for a change. Some do, and are condemned with those that don’t make the effort. If you were to do a story on those non-recidivists (of which there are many), YOU would be condemned as a bleeding heart by the Left and the Right. Isn’t that true, Sharyl?

    Fortunately, truth does NOT have a side; neither left nor right, but at least for now, King Solomon was right when he said (heee, heee)

    Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)
    The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
    but the heart of the fool to the left.

  73. Good Podcast. Not too long and believable. Loaded with supporting facts, as it should be. Nice to have you doing real reporter stuff without getting an opinion thrown in.

  74. Excellent audio quality and clear vocalization. It might be beneficial to add a text outline posted -with- the audio — bullet points for instance. (Which would make it easier to web search for the audio using content terms.)

    I appreciate your investigative work, reporting and your courage!

  75. Loved it! You are a rarity these days. Facts and more facts w/o bias. Ihave many thingsid like reported on just not sure where to start. I think the most pressing is all of the wasted efforts of the special prosecutor and where it should have been focused. Thanks

  76. Thank you SO much for this podcast. You are a true investigative reporter- a rare gem these days! I will listen as often as possible.

  77. Yay, thank you for this! Appreciate the sources of your report. Missed the FMN report, so this was new to me. Would like a longer cast detailing what the vested interests of both parties are. Just your usual excellent, straightforward reporting. Amazing what an honest, intrepid reporter like you can do with a small but dedicated and hardworking staff can do!
    Suggest update on vaccine mandate situation across the states. And the real story behind the suspicious deaths of so many alternative med/holistic docs. Thank you for all you do! God bless you and your family and team! May St Michael protect you all always!

  78. Ah, this was terrific! Great sound quality, and very interesting subject! I agree with those that suggest you put up an audio version of your shows into a podcast format.

  79. Thank you for your tireless efforts to inform us of the facts. I also always look forward to your show on FOX for information on subjects on which Americans should be aware.

  80. None of the crime rates/stats matter in regard to whether the criminal is US citizen or illegal ALIEN (they aren’t immigrants if they are trespassing). We have our own criminals amongst our citizens to deal with. The trespassers simply shouldn’t be living a life in this country (let alone, allowed to attain stolen weapons, join gangs, traffic others and simply collect benefits).

    I went to Russia in 2014. The rules were, “within 4 business days, you must register with immigration.” The person I was staying with told me, “no one does that.”
    I replied, “I don’t care what others do, I follow the rules of countries I’m a guest in – let’s go do it.”

    These alien assholes claim they can do what they want…and left coast people want to let them/enable them (they are likely born from illegals themselves.) They spit in the face of people who followed the rules, and they shit on US citizens who work for a living.

    Enter through a port of entry. Pay the costs. Follow the rules. …or GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. comprende muchacho?

    I listened to this entire talk, but I did not focus on the stats, due to what I have posited above. I WOULD like to hear more on topics (especially if you do the researching) about stuff such as our health issues, ie: Monsanto/GMO/food additives, 5g cell towers, what has changed (if anything) in our vaccines that might have made them go (supposedly, based on current people shying away from protecting their children )from curing polio, to making children retarded.
    I believe it is not the vaccines, but the bombardment of EMR from everyone having a WIFI device on them, constantly transmitting, and our fucked up food companies slipping gene-altering ingredients into our diets – IE: High Fructose corn syrup — which is chemically derived from corn stalks – which likely came from a MONSANTO “round up ready” corn harvest.

    Nice photo (blue dress). Have a good day and happy new year, Sharyl.

  81. Excellent presentation. I had to listen to it again to capture important facts that are otherwise hidden by most media. Mainstream media doesn’t want to do the job you do – and leftists HATE your exposure of the facts.


  82. I join many others who appreciate you Sharyl for your concise factual reporting and bringing truth to us, instead of opinion pieces.

  83. Great Podcast Sharyl. These numbers are staggering. Why do so many people want illegal immigration? Why is the so called media not acknowledging that this problem is out of control? Who in their right mind can condone sanctuary cities? I do not have the answers, but it is obvious to me that some people do not want a country anymore. Great job as usual. All the best in the New Year.

    P.S. On a another note is there any hope of covering the cover up of the American Homeowners nightmare of foreclosures? Please take a look. Especially in Florida. Thank You so much.

  84. Thank you, Sharyl, for doing the legwork on this most important subject. So very pleased to have come across your reporting. The real crime is the bipartisan politics that has allowed for such horrors to have been thrust upon an unknowing American public and allowed to fester. One can only conclude that one more divisive issue for which promises can be made is of greater importance to those seeking election or for incumbents, all the while knowing full well they have no intention to end the outrages once and for all. President Trump is on the right track, demanding that Congress as a whole do their jobs, protect Americans, and protect the sovereignty of the nation.

  85. Thanks for your podcast, Sharyl! I appreciate your efforts and clarity. I am curious if you could link the GAO study you mentioned so that we might have that direct source available to us for our postings and discussions going forward.
    Concerning future podcasts, I’d like to learn everything there is to know about Robert Mueller’s history and his hiccups along the way. Surely he was just as horrid as FBI chief as Comey was, there must be people who can reveal more about how naughty he is.

  86. Hard news like this just doesn’t seem available anymore. Thanks, Sharyl . I simply do not trust and the like. It would be great to have an actual, nonbiased, look at facts vs. conjecture vs. hyperbole.

  87. Great story with some facts that make more sense to me than the generalized info we get from the media. Some charts would be helpful that show the data you presented and then comparing this data with the crime statistics of US citizens.

    In the future I’d like to see some stories on the misrepresentation of reporting on the current president, and comparing the coverage on almost identical things that happened in the previous administration.

  88. Enjoyed the podcast. Interested in your opinion of the documentary on amazon prime called ‘Vaxxed’. Is it true that there’s a cover up of some vaccination research?
    I trust you to get to the truth.

  89. You make facts interesting, I have been a long time fan, and have both books on audio.
    I am interested to understand why for the most part we no longer get “real” news. Even the twitter and FB take down phone real time news by witnesses. I noticed it Parkland,Fl shooting and LV,shooting.and of cource reporters seldom go to streets any more..We advanced so far to be shutdown,to be fead opinion24/7.

  90. I enjoined this podcast very much. Its nice to hear a journalist that takes pride in what you do, Find true facts and inform the people.
    I just found out about you today and you have climbed to the top of my hero list. Thank you Sharyl Attkisson

  91. Excellent! I really appreciate how unemotional your delivery is. Too many journalists/reporters let their bias pour out through an emotional delivery rather than delivering a factual report. I also like to cut to the chase, which you did. I would like to see an investigation of the slush fund that’s been used to pay off sexual harassment complaints by congress, who established it, who used it, how much , when, why.

  92. I grew up a radio news head. Daddy worked for RKO, United Stations, CBS. Love listening to podcast. Please do more. Nothing like doing the dishes and getting my ‘smart’ on!

  93. Sharyl,

    Excellent. I find podcasts to be my favorite way of getting information now. Please continue!

  94. Drugs Drugs Drugs. So much of the crime is related to drugs and the easy money made from it. As a retired pharmacist (someone who has dealt with people and drugs for 30 years) I believe most of the problem would go away if all types of drugs were legalized. It would be a tough few years for the problem to sort itself out and there would be some heartaches but less than there are now.

  95. Excellent podcast, Sharyl. I felt like a college student, and actually got a pen and paper to start taking notes!
    It was instructional that you debunked the “immigrants commit less crime than citizens” myth. Thanks for that. Additionally, it is obvious that these crime statistics have been systematically hidden from the American people.
    Keep up the great work!

  96. I read both “The Smear and Stonewalled”. If more people would read these the MSM would disappear completely or become real news outlets. We would also have a much better understanding of how corrupt our government and the media are. Don’t stop your podcasts. There is an abundance of wrong doing out there that needs the light of day shone brightly upon it. I can’t think of anyone better than you to do to that.

    Everyone buy these books and become enlightened.

  97. Very informative. Do more. Perhaps mix in some longer form discussions like you did on C-span when you interviewed Kirsten Powers or when Eric Wemple attempted to interrogate you.

  98. Sharyl, again, another spot-on report based on facts, and not hype or agenda-driven falsehoods. You are proving day in and day out that speaking the truth, and not wavering on principles will win out over the deceitful and harmful efforts by Partisan Journalist Hacks who create Fake News under the direction of their corporate and statists handlers. You are a breath of fresh air on Sunday’s helping to clear out the smog and haze being spued by the Sunday morning Fake News Shows. Keep up the great work!!

  99. Excellent reporting and it would seem to debunk all this nonsense about illegals committing far less crimes than Americans. It would seem to me even if it were less, there would be less crime in total if they weren’t here to begin with. That is what is missing from the pro illegal immigration folks.

  100. Interesting and relevant reporting as I have come to expect from Ms. Atkisscon over the last several years. Comparing the capabilities of independent news providers such as you, Breitbart, Drudge versus the efforts from the fishwrap of record, Washpoo and the like paints a grim picture of their abilities and motives.
    Speaking of which, I’m very concerned about the “intersection” of the so-called M.A.D. complex, media, academia and the democrats. I see a Venezuelan ending to this country on the near horizon, 20 years, given the leftist indoctrination of our children, the deep state protecting those who protect them and the voluntary Pravda-esque position of the media in support of the Democrats. It makes us a one-party nation. How can the situation be quantified? If aspects can be specifically identified, maybe solutions will surface. Most conservatives I know are just trying to live their own lives. How do we step up to protect ourselves and by association the country?

  101. Forgot to mention, the “kiss” format you’re using is perfect. Using a brief info of yourself and the topic, then diving in is intriguing to a listener and respectful of their time.

  102. Was there some place where we can get the details of the GAO to confirm your interpretation? I would have included links to where you got the information.

  103. I enjoyed the podcast. As usual, concise and to-the-point. Your voice is very pleasant. Adding links to the referenced reports would be great. As to content: Very revealing statistics, even if you assume the least damning estimates. Yes, we do have an illegal immigration problem, and the US taxpayer is paying dearly as a result.

  104. Appreciate your work. As I’ve said to many of my friends, good, honest, fair reporting is hard to find and I view you and Full Measure as one of those sources. Keep up the good work.

  105. I would really like to see regular podcasts, as I spend a good amount of time every day listening to various ones while I work, drive etc. Podcasts are less demanding on phone data and battery life so I can keep phone screen off and podcast playing. Many advantages. Thank you for objective reporting, which has been dead in this country for many years.

  106. I have been familiar with your work for some time, and am pleased that you are trying to expand your outreach with these new podcasts. I hope your efforts are both successful and satisfying. I will continue to seek out your perspective on matters of national import as I am growing tired of the cookie cutter sanitized versions of news reporting typically available from national news outlets. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  107. Sharyl, great report. I would be a listener to your podcast if you decide to continue it. Excellent for car travel time! Submit to iTunes please for Apple playback ability. Thank you for all you do!!! Like others, I wish your voice could be louder.

  108. I appreciate your unbiased and well researched reporting. The podcast was very enlightening and dispels the ridiculous notion that legal immigrants and citizens commit more crimes. Until now it was difficult to dispute without honest facts. Please do more! I would like to know more about vaccines (heavy metal & preservative added vs pure and preservative free) including the unsealed case in Italy; the mocking bird media – how most of he mainstream media uses the exact same buzz words and talking points and where/who they come from; how Facebook, Twitter, google and YouTube steal from and censor content providers; the monopolies of social media giants and why they aren’t classified as publishers. And anything else important to the American people. Keep up the great work and I pray you get Justice in your lawsuit. Thanks

  109. Keep up the good fight Sharyl, we need to see those FISA documents, nothing else really matters now. We need justice, we need accountability or we have no country, just a tyranny.

    Everything the deep state does involves illusion. Obama managed to inverse reality.

  110. I like the podcast. But I would also suggest you make it DOWNLOADABLE, so those using library PC’s or mp3 players can also listen to it. On another issue, you look amazing in the bright blue dress. It makes me wonder why you chose to be a journalist over being a supermodel!

  111. It would be great to have a podcast for you. but they are nearly unusable if you do not make them downloadable. That forces you to sit at the PC and listen to them. If they are downloadable you can listen on the go with an mp3 player. ( How I listen). If they are downloadable, people can also download them at the library pc’s which makes you available to those who do not own pc’s or smartphones (like me). That widens your available audience! Also it makes it possible to download several episodes in the short time you are allowed to use the library PC’s.

    1. Yes I understand this. I will look into a real podcast in the near future if there seems to be an appetite. I’m hoping that these short-is versions are ok as a sample. You can listen to them on your phone while relaxing or exercising if you have an internet connection– but I know it’s somewhat limiting. Thank you for the feedback!

      1. Speaking for myself, I prefer something this length (10-15 minutes) instead of the 50-minute podcasts that are common. Attention spans wander, and I think more people prefer to “binge listen” than make time every day to listen to the newest one.

        A lot of people are doing longer vidcasts through Facebook that are more personality-centered than I think you aspire to be. Unless you’re going to start telling jokes, talking about what your husband did last night, and so on.

        If not, I’d prefer you keep it to a segment length.

  112. keep up the good work. Government has a tendency towards corruption and out founders new that. You are a true patriot. Please keep on with the good work

  113. Richard Sebastian

    Thanks for doing this. We need it.
    I am so tired of hearing”I think “at the beginning almost every sentence on cable news. Your podcast is refreshing.
    I enjoy being entertained but I prefer to be briefed and informed.
    I watch your show on Sundays. Great work.

  114. Loved the Podcast Sharyl. More importantly, was obtaining non spun facts about this hot topic.

  115. Great research and great reporting. Could you say what percentage more crime is committed by illegal immigrants than American citizens?

  116. There are so many unknowns that our political system never allows the light of day to shine on. Case in point, the slush fund that congress used to pay sexual harassment charges with Our Tax dollars and no accountability for their actions. The cover ups and deals made within the system is a tightly kept secret among all involved. You bring a much needed factual look into the swamp and the players within.

  117. Sharyl-
    Thank you for honest, straight, unbiased reporting of the facts. There is FAR too little of that today. I find every subject you cover interesting and I always learn something. Please keep the podcasts going and get them listed on iTunes and Google Play. It will really help spread the real news.


  118. Thank you for the work you put into this. I wish there was a transcript.

    And you should mention GAB among the sites where you can be found. That’s how I got here. And where I follow you.

    I do not use Twitter, Facebook or Google.

  119. Unbiased journalism is a unicorn. From both sides I find the loudest megaphones shout down those that disagree on politically divisive issues like immigration. Sheryl seems to be very committed to doing the work and following the facts of this and I can only assume all topics. Unlike many in media she seems to present those facts unfiltered wherever the research takes the story. She also cites her sources so what she states can be confirmed. Refreshing! Make me want to read her books.

  120. Thank you, Sheryl. I’ll be listening! This first podcast is excellent. This is real journalism.

  121. I add my name to the numerous comments you’ve already received. Thank you for the work you put into presenting this information.

    I do have a suggestion for a future topic….I’ve always wondered the net financial worth our representatives and congressmen have prior to being elected and their net worth after years serving us and, if there is a significant gain, learning where the money came from.

  122. Sharyl, as usual great reporting and podcast. I suggest real journalists would have reported this information in some form. Your report demonstrates the very poor state of journalism at the present time and the serious illegal immigrant issue in the southern border.

    if journalists in the MSM would have reported illegal immigration issues as you have the current border security impasse would not have occurred. When the MSM reporting is biased the Country looses.

  123. Excellent precis on three distilled and fundamentally apropos queries concerning the current ill-addressed crisis threatening our nation and its effective governance.

    Many Thanks and Mad Props for your professionalism and perseverance. Please consider doing an interview with Tracybeanz who is following fast in your illustrious footsteps.

    Links to source docs would be much appreciated.

  124. louanne mckeefery

    Thank you for your reporting. My first experience with your work is your vaccine story. Thank you for reporting on that. You can go a lot deeper on that topic such as following the approaching laws to support mandates. Also look at the tests of the vaccines coming from Italy showing not protection from the viruses they are given for yet filled with toxic and unknown substances.

    Filled with metals:
    Not what they report to be:
    In Infanrix Hexa we found
    chemical contamination from the manufacturing process or cross-contamination with other manufacturing lines;
    chemical toxins;
    bacterial peptide toxins;
    insoluble and indigestible macromolecule that reacts to the protein assay, but cannot be recognized by any protein databases.

    We have not found:
    Protein antigens of diphtheria toxoids, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, haemophylus influenzae B, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3;
    Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, phenoxyethanol, antibiotic residues indicated in the composition;

  125. Lou Anne McKeefery

    Future stores:
    Interview the refugees at the border. I want to know their story and reason for making such a bold move to leave their home. All I get is what the media wants me to know and think. -and fear

  126. I just wish more people would listen and read Sharyl’s investigative, fact-based reporting! She is one of the few left truly doing investigative reporting. Keep doing your great work Sharyl! And here’s to your law suit! I pray it breaks it all open!

  127. I just wish more people would listen and read Sharyl’s investigative, fact-based reporting! She is one of the few left truly doing investigative reporting. Keep doing your great work Sharyl! And here’s to your law suit! I pray it breaks it all open!

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