Mueller’s findings don’t matter

In part, it’s the length of time that it’s taken that has rendered special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe functionally irrelevant. 

I submit that the die was largely cast prior to Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017. Perhaps if there had been a quick investigation with prompt findings inside of a couple of months, things might be different. But nearly 19 months of speculation, breathless leaks and innuendo — true and false — have taken on lives of their own, providing time for each side to dig in… (continued)

Read the rest of my article in The Hill.

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3 thoughts on “Mueller’s findings don’t matter”

  1. Just finished reading your book. Outstanding read. Being a retired PO from Detroit I pretty much came to the same conclusions but it was great to get something factual on these subjects. Good luck with the rest of your life’s work

  2. Sharyl, findings were never the point. Innuendo and posturing are the mission, and mission accomplished. As Mark Steyn likes to point out in his own legal predicament, the process is the punishment.

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