Oral Arguments Granted in Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI

Our request for Oral Arguments has been granted in the Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI government computer intrusion case.

Thank you to all the supporters–moral and otherwise! More details in the near future.[hr]

If you think the government should not spy on U.S. citizens, including journalists, please consider supporting this case along with the diverse group of Constitutional, free press and privacy advocates who organized the Attkisson 4th Amendment Litigation Fund.[hr]

Read more about the government computer intrusions here.[hr]

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2 thoughts on “Oral Arguments Granted in Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI”

  1. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    Sharyl, GREAT NEWS! Glad to hear this bit of information. As you probably are aware. I have followed this Case since the beginning. Your Case is just ANOTHER example of our two-tier Justice System. The wheels of Justice do not grind slowly, they sit still. I truly hope and pray that one day you receive the Justice you deserve, but the odds are inconceivable. Best of luck. I say “luck” because our Laws apparently DO NOT apply to those with power over us!

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