Updated Info: Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for Govt. Computer Intrusions

Fight against US government spying on its citizens.

With oral arguments just a few weeks away, we’re busy preparing for the day in court.

Meantime, we’re nearly 1/5 of the way to reaching our goal in the Attkisson 4th Amendment Litigation Fund.

Many thanks to the hundreds of supporters — and to the diverse group of organizers including Constitutional and civil rights advocates.

Multiple forensics exams revealed details of the remote computer intrusions

Read more about the case here:


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5 thoughts on “Updated Info: Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for Govt. Computer Intrusions”

  1. First comment. The fbi attacks against the president started after he was proposing to reduce the FERS, which is the federal retirement system. Correct me if I’m wrong. Federal agencies like the postal inspection service, oig, fbi, etc., have never stopped with their illegal surveillance activities, and more. Here is how they “create” an investigation. They do illegal surveillance through computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. they will stalk and provoke you, paying people to verbally harass you, if your driving, tailgate and high beam you everywhere you go, even parking. They will swerve vehicles in front of you, hoping for an accident. They will give you flat tires. They wait for you to become emotional and react, waiting to create a case. If you get evidence, if it’s electronic, they can delete it through hacking. They also can remote your device without you being aware of it. They illegally enter your home to look for and steal evidence you have against them. There are more serious criminal acts they do, and most likely they will win because all these federal and state law enforcement agencies are networked, and they know and train together.

  2. federal agencies “create” investigations if they are talked about or discredited. If you are not a high profile person, they do more than just monitoring you, as an example, using software like “callyo”, to intercept phone calls. When they are not doing so themselves, they pay people to stalk and provoke you with vehicles when you are driving, and at public places like malls and superstores. They break into your home, and more serious crimes to create their case. After they’ve hacked into your smartphone or tablet, they pose as you surfing sites that you know nothing about. I think your wasting your time with your case, and they will win. I’m sorry to say that, but they have harassed me for years now and they haven’t stopped with their games. If you win, they will look at other ways to get even with you. Look at the president. After he was looking to reduce the federal retirement system, that is when the fbi started their negative campaign against him.

  3. Hey Sharyl, thanks for the update. As YOU well know, our government is corrupt…period. While most folks have set by without notice to what’s been going on now for decades. Some, like YOU have had the misfortune of having your RIGHTS trampled on by those with power over us. Can you imagine our children, grandchildren, and just people, in general, being taught The Truth? I will keep a close eye out on your situation. Free Country? What a joke we have become. I pray you will receive “Justice”.

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