Afghanistan and billions of US tax dollar waste

As President Trump talks about removing remaining US troops from Afghanistan, we’ll have a troubling assessment of all the American tax dollars lost to waste, fraud and abuse.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’re talking to the Obama-appointed watchdog who still serves under President Trump: the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction Inspector General John Sopko.

We’ll have video from Sopko’s most recent visit to Afghanistan and will see empty buildings we built but nobody ever occupied, and facilities that we paid for but don’t work. Sopko says we also pay for “ghost” soldiers and police who don’t really exist.

Also on Full Measure, Lisa Fletcher will tell us about the new “space race.” It’s the race to get the competitive advantage when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Experts say national security is at stake.

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko visits Afghanistan for an inspection
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We received overwhelming, positive response to last week’s original investigation on vaccines and autism. The government and vaccine industry’s lead pro-vaccine medical expert defending vaccines in court says he told the government lawyers years ago that vaccines can cause autism in “exceptional” cases, after all. But he says the government covered it up and misrepresented his opinion in vaccine court to debunk vaccine-autism claims. Read a sampling of the feedback here.

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3 thoughts on “Afghanistan and billions of US tax dollar waste”

  1. I tried to record this episode about Afghanistan and John Sopko. I once worked with Mr. Sopko and know him to be a very honest, forthright, and as he describes himself “old country lawyer.” However the episode must have been moved due to the snow event that morning. Is there anyway I can see this segment?

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