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2 thoughts on “Failure in Syria?”

  1. The whole middle east was left in shambles by the most inept US president ever, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s mishandling of everything within that region has caused more deaths and misery than one could ever imagine or dream of. Not too mention, the creation of a constant flow of refugees out of nations like Syria and Iraq.

    From Obama’s premature US troop withdrawal in Iraq to his siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to his “painting” of fake red lines in Syria, to his coddling of the mullahs in Iran along with the subsequent billions of dollars funneled to that terror regime, to the Benghazi debacle, all these mishaps/policies have proven to make the world a much more dangerous place.

    It is up to the individual to discern whether the actions and inactions of Barack Obama were either just mere incompetence or had it all been done with planning, precision and intention? Either way, the mess Trump has been left to clean up is overwhelming. Eradicating ISIS in less than one year has been a great start for President Trump.

    God only knows why people who use logic and who subscribe to facts, can not understand the huge difference between Obama and Trump. Trump currently is like a fireman engaging and extinguishing the fires of the “arsonist” Obama. Yet the media paints Obama as a great leader and Trump as the despot?

    Quite amazing and quite sick, this is only made possible in a world where people no longer exercise the right to think for themselves. Yes indeed, logic has now become an enemy and truth the menace. We now have a deep state leftist media who are no longer interested in reporting the news, but are hell bent on creating news through a massive propaganda campaign, all based upon the incessant perpetuation of false narratives.


    God I wish people would to start choosing to live again, rather than just exist within this world of illusion and brainwashing. When are people going to realize, ignoring the truth will eventually lead us all into a permanent state of slavery and tyranny.

    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” -Benjamin Franklin-

    Wake up and get off those damn cell phones!

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