Media mistake: Brazil’s First Lady wasn’t “saluting”– she was using sign language.

Below are some of the photos the press could have used showing Brazil’s First Lady giving her first speech in sign language. Instead, Associated Press distributed the first photo with the incorrect caption stating she was “giving a military salute,” which the Washington Post featured (first photo below). Later, the Washington Post issued a correction (bottom image).

Beyond the question of how they could make such a sloppy journalism error is the question of how hard they had to work to find such an unflattering photo. The photos included below are more reflective of the actual event, which you can see here:

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6 thoughts on “Media mistake: Brazil’s First Lady wasn’t “saluting”– she was using sign language.”

  1. These types of ‘mistakes’ are actually done with hard work. It isn’t easy to make Brazil’s First Lady look ugly, you have to go through a lot of photos. Furthermore, they knew she was signing, she was up there for quite a while. So it took a great deal of time to find one that looked like a military salute. Hard work!

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