Sinclair’s Full Measure receives widespread praise for autism-vaccine report

Watch this video. It’s not an unhinged, baseless attack on vaccines like so many anti-vaxxer videos. Sharyl Attkisson’s investigation is lucid, factual, and as alarming as it needs to be without going over the top. Spot on.”

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We received our largest volume of feedback, overwhelmingly positive, in response to our Full Measure cover story on the pro-vaccine medical expert who says vaccines can cause autism, after all, in “exceptional” cases.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman says he told this to the government lawyers at the Justice Department whom he worked for years ago as an expert witness but they kept that hidden and misrepresented his opinion in vaccine court to debunk vaccine-autism claims.

It’s another story you won’t see anywhere else.

If you missed the report, watch here.

A small sampling of some of the feedback we received follows.

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6 thoughts on “Sinclair’s Full Measure receives widespread praise for autism-vaccine report”

  1. anotherinternetuser

    Please define rarely because I would not call a 1 in 40 average autism rate rarely (and those stats are probably dated by a couple of years) ok …maybe not all cases are due to vaccines but there seems to be a trend from 1 in 10,000 back in the 80’s and I am not buying better diagnosis …. from transcript “Today we investigate one of the biggest medical controversies of our time: vaccines. There’s little dispute about this much– vaccines save many lives, and rarely, they injure or kill”

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