Trump’s “Shifting” Position on a Border Wall: What are the Facts?

  • Has President Trump flip-flopped his call for a wall along the entire southern border?
  • Is media reporting on the topic accurate? [hr]


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69 thoughts on “Trump’s “Shifting” Position on a Border Wall: What are the Facts?”

  1. Why not just leave it at – THE MEDIA IS JUST LOOKING FOR CLICK BAIT – Young journalists have no other way to get published by the leftist biased editors other than bashing Trump. You should be ashamed of the profession that you are a part of as the media has lost their way completely and can not be trusted at all.

    1. Yes!
      Thank you, Ms. Attkisson, please do more podcasts!
      It’s so very refreshing to hear actual facts from an unbiased journalist!!!
      God bless you in all your efforts, especially in court on the 29th.

  2. I like your matter of fact & fact finding approach to reporting on top subjects like Trump’s border wall position. It’s all “fake” news & reporting sensationalism. I saw it 1st hand when pics of Trump’s inauguration showed the mall half filled vs Obama’s fully filled! I watched Trump’s live & saw for myself that the mall was full of people. How reporters (or individuals) can blatantly post false news!

  3. I would like to know more. For example: Wall, security, fencing should occupy same amount of real estate on Mexico side, if not more, than US, give voice to border patrol recommendations, land owners along border. I like the new Brazilian president’s idea of gang control

  4. Politicians and MSM should start here:
    “wall (wôl)n.
    1. An upright structure of masonry, wood, plaster, or other building material serving to enclose, divide, or protect an area, especially a vertical construction forming an inner partition or exterior siding of a building.”

    In other words (word games) a wall is a fence, a barrier…. People should NOT be or get confused with Politicians talking points.

  5. Loved it. It’s nice to have a place to go where I can find fact based news. Thank you for your dedication to real journalism.

  6. Dear Sharyl,
    More podcasts please!
    To avoid being de-platformed by some corporate host, I would recommend self hosting using an open source podcast publishing solution like
    Looking forward to your reporting in the new year.

  7. Thank you Sharyl for telling it like it is…very refreshing to find a journalist that does her research and reports it accurately…Love your Full Measure as well.

  8. Its great to hear the actual facts you reported. Listening to the news anymore is so frustrating. I hear the same quotes on many stations such as, “Trumps flip flopping again.”
    I would appreciate listening or watching more of your podcasts.

  9. Dear Sharyl

    Loved your podcast. Looking forward to your next one

    Thank you for presenting well researched news!

  10. Please do a regular podcast that I can download. Thank you for your courage and integrity.

  11. Please make your podcast available on Pocketcast or some other player- you’ve got great content, and your tone and manner are very effective

  12. I enjoyed the podcast. Always enjoy your articles and the TV show. Add the podcast to that also

  13. Thank you for this clear and concise reporting on the border wall issue. We need more of this.

  14. Ms. Attkisson, you are a national treasure. Actual investigative reporting on meaningful subjects, while almost all the rest of media are immersed in trivial, and obviously biased opinion stories. Imagine that.

    An example of real journalism, that seems to have been forgotten and distorted by those who pretend to be journalists. Hope for democracy.

  15. So tired of the bash Trump “reporting “. This was excellent! Please keep up the good work – actual journalism!

  16. Please start a podcast! We need more journalists in the podcast world. There are plenty of pundit/opinion-style podcasts, but not fair, facts-focused journalism. Thanks for all you do! Your hard, courageous work is appreciated.

  17. Precise, and you quickly got to your point!
    Rhetorical questions….Why do stadiums have walls? To ensure all fans who enter paid? Highly ineffective?

  18. Another great report that you won’t find on mainstream media. I feel the only way to get news is either from the direct source verified x2 or “real news” from sites like yours!! I applaud you for “going Galt” from the mainstream and putting important information out there. Our republic will only survive with an educated citizenry.

  19. Excellent. After taking the time to actually listen to trumps inauguration speech and then listening to the ABC anchors spin his speech into things he did not say I realized this was a sad time for journalism. Then I found your Twitter Acct , Sunday tv show and this blog. Thank you for the fresh view which I wish the MSM would return to, if in fact they ever were impartial

  20. Loved this! I’m so sick of the terrible reporting that is going on. Thank you for parsing through the mud to let us know the way things really are.

  21. This isn’t about money or effectiveness or morality, it’s about political rhetoric and commitment to Trump failing. Very well done. Not too long, informative and unbiased facts!

  22. This is what we want facts put out in a non condescending way.
    We have just no time to listen to those over[actually under]educated opinions.
    In America, lets face it, even with our dumbed down common core, we are educated.
    We may have a difference in polish/vocabulary but we comprend.
    oh A thought: why is there a war on the boomers? Every sight gab, twitter, etc if they know you are 65 or older they want you dead. They blame is for racism, Trump, guns, war etc. . I thought the boomer tried to stop racism war etc, but then I was busy living!

  23. Sharyl, thanks for the podcast on the layers of border “wall” reporting. Please consider continuing your podcasts as you provide an example that may motivate your audience (& hopefully other “journalists) to pursue accuracy and accountability in the public debate on many issues America will face in 2019.

  24. Yes it was great. Yes we all would be best informed by doing our on own research & fact checks.
    However, there are those who need encouragement or lead to the decision that it’s important to do so.
    Thank you for the information you’ve shared.

  25. Sharyl, you get an A. Great work!
    Hey consider interviewing the US Army Corps of Engineers on the border wall designs and options, etc. They did the earlier work. Anyway, when authority and funding was unleashed it only took the Corps 18 months to build the Pentagon prior to WWII. They and the country are waiting for the talking to end.

  26. I think you should do more of these, and increase length over time. Actually, the 10-15 segments work real well on YouTube, but should be available on every platform you can cross post to. Take some of the good stuff Dan Bongino is doing with his extremely popular daily podcast. We could use more of the same, and indeed, many others are doing just that.
    Good luck, and thanks.

  27. GREAT — as usual. How about adding a diagram, Ross Perot and Tim Russert style, to accompany appropriate topics. I like to look at pictures, charts, etc. during a narration.

    For this topic, a set of two columns — left side dates of all of Trump’s explanations about wall/natural barriers and right hand side column dates of fake news stories.

    Bar charts, pie charts, etc. really help some folks see relationships easier.



  28. Thank you so much for this podcast, Sharyl, and for all your steady reporting and professionalism. I’m listening from Sydney, Australia, and the media is as bad here, too, I’m sorry to say. A pity we don’t get to see Full Measure so it’s good to hear you on the podcast.

  29. We need more journalists to follow the rules of Dragnets Joe Friday ” just the facts”! This is what you do. We want journalists to tell us the story and let us do the opining. Keep up the great work and the good fight!

  30. Christine Thiessen

    Love your reporting as usual. Objective, well researched, well thought out reporting that I can trust to be accurate.

  31. This is a great way to disseminate a fact-based report on an issue. You do your research! Amazingly, so few journalist do what is really such a simple fundamental. I know it takes a little time, but really not that much with the search tools of today. The fake news media is truly an enemy of the people when they behave in this way. Thank you Sharyl for disabusing us of so much false data out there!

  32. Such a pleasure listening to true facts and honesty for a change. I am so glad that I found your articles and then this podcast.

    Your book is on my shopping list for my next pay period, but I really enjoyed this podcast. If you should decide to continue doing them, please find a way to notify us, so that we may subscribe.

    A new and faithful fan, of honest journalism.


  33. When I lived in El Paso Texas, people just walked across the Rio Grande River when they didn’t want to use the actual border crossing. The river won’t be much of a deterrent for those wanting to come. Hence the need for an actual barrier of some type. More than a chain link fence.

  34. As a long time Trump supporter and as someone who has noticed a decline in accuracy in media coverage, I found your pod cast accurate and informative. The sad thing is I really don’t think the media inaccuracies are just laziness or error. I wish there were more investigative journist like you to keep the powers that be in line. Truth Matters.

    God Bless You and stay true to the truth

  35. This is just Trump wasting time and money doing nothing. If anyone was serious about this we would have e-verify with serious punishments for violating employment law.

  36. Nice to hear someone who actually researched the facts on the wall. The mainstream media should be ashamed for their ridiculous distortion of the truth.

  37. I,myself started investigating the background of Sharyl,as a suspicion of a Conservative gone Liberal, much like Joe Scarbough, Of “Morning Joe”, but instead found an investigative Journalist, much of which, I have been Searching for. I call todays’ Journalism “Tabloid News”, in an effort, to get attention and it is done on hearsay and sensationalism in the “24-7” News cycle and very little fact finding. It relieves the reporter of responsibility, if they can use unnamed sources or he said, she said reporting. I find the Wall story is symptomatic of CNN reporting of extensive sick calls for not reporting to work, due to the partial Gov. shutdown. Keep up the Good and thorough Journalism>

  38. Nice job in evaluating the media reporting. I think you were kind in insinuating the reason for the inaccurate information was lack of effort to determine facts. That might have been the case a time or two but I suspect more alternative motives have caused some of this. As usual, a great job on reporting and getting the facts out there.

  39. You are ghorough, gutsy, and an honest to good as well as refreshing “Reporter”. I haven’t seen one of them in years. Thank you!

  40. I so appreciate your version of most stories these days. You’ve become my go to for the truth. I look forward to more of these “accurate” stories.

  41. Finally, an investigative reporter I can trust! Thank you for your important work. I look forward to your next podcast.

  42. Thank you. Excellent presentation of your findings as well as a rounded answer. Certainly appreciated.

  43. Tracy Beanz did a show on you, she calls you her hero. Her dream is to interview you.
    Please Please do a podcast. Look forward to listening at work where I drive.
    Thank you so much, pursuit of the truth has cost you so much.

  44. If I was a person that knew nothing about what is going on this is a good starting point. It has enough info without ever getting bogged down in details that would scare off new comers.

  45. Yes! Please continue! Your work and voice is very much needed. Excellent points in Pres. Trump’s position over the past few years versus what (and how) media has reported it. Clearly, the media has an agenda that they make “”the facts” fit into when reporting rather than just reporting to advise or enlighten their audience. You do not ascribe to the former which is why you are respected.
    Your podcasts could continue to tell us facts, positions on both sides, and inconsistencies too, and let us decide what to think. Novel concept, huh? But what you seem to be committed to doing and need to keep doing! With my thanks!

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